November 29, 2020

Haveable bags for happy holidays

The back of a hatchback car, packed with two Aeronauts, a Monster Truck and other camping gear.
While there’s a number of new bags debuting Monday 11/30, there’s also some classic and enduring designs already in-stock. Here’s a list of the bags we think might make especially good gifts — whether for yourself or someone else!

Aeronaut 45
Aeronaut 30

Aeronaut 45, Aeronaut 30, and Truck all packed into the back of a car and ready to go camping! 
Our famous Aeronaut travel bag has a secret double life: it’s the perfect road trip and car-camping bag.

Here’s why: you can basically live out of the Aeronaut without ever having to unpack it. It’ll fit all the clothes you’d want to take with you and even if your organizational efforts are only half-baked, you’ll still be able to find that one shirt you want without having to unpack everything to do so. 

And, of course, the Aeronaut is still one of the best air travel bags ever made. Its versatility makes it a great gift for anyone you know who travels by plane, train, or road. The Aeronauts are actually the #1 bags we personally gift to friends and family, just because they're so dang versatile and everyone loves them.

Medium Cafe Bag

A family crossing the street, with one person wearing a Medium Cafe Bag in Cloud.

The Medium Cafe Bag is the “just right” size of the classic Cafe Shoulder Bags. And it's currently available in your choice of over 12 color combinations. It can fit up to 10 chocolate croissants without squishing them. It fits just about any tablet. If you pack it right, it’ll stand up on its own. If you’re kind to it, give it occasional baths in the sink, and never machine wash it, it’ll be your faithful companion for decades. 

Sketchbook and Pen 
Swivel Double Carabiners

Tom sketching in the TOM BIHN Sketchbook & Pen while at a sewing machine in our Seattle factory.

“As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve grown very fond of square sketchbooks. I think because they don’t confine me to a particular perspective: I often turn a sketch 90 or 180 degrees mid-process and discover a new way of seeing things.” - Tom 

Tom found a manufacturer able to produce the square sketchbook of his dreams and we’ve made it available to you! Oh, and the mini version of the ubiquitous Bic blue and white writes-in-four-colors pen that’s included? As far as we know, it’s the very last stock of the Made in France version of the pen. Très magnifique!

Simply put, the Swivel Double Carabiners are colorful, cute, and handy:

Swivel Double Carabiners in many colors and sizes!

Handy Little Thing (HLT) Pouch Size 1
Handy Little Thing (HLT) Pouch Size 2

The Handy Little Thing Size 2 in Coyote 200d Halcyon packed with all kinds of cool things.

We love giving bags as gifts that have more gifts tucked inside! Picture gifting the HLT 1 or 2 with art supplies or EDC tools tucked into its (many) various pockets and compartments.  

Luminary 15

Person pulling a device out of a Luminary 15 in a cafe.

The Luminary 15 fits a wide range of tablets and laptops and, thanks to its built-in device compartment, you don’t need to know or guess the size of device the recipient uses. It’s a sleek design that’s good to go.

And one more opportunity to order the....

Empire Builder

Person walking with the Empire Builder briefcase over their shoulder.

You heard it here first! We’re retiring the Empire Builder to make way for new designs. (And there are so many new designs in the works: read this blog post for more info!) Two of the things people love best about the Empire Builder are 1) it stands up on its own and 2) it can fit a ton of work stuff.

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