November 27, 2020

Introducing the Truckasana yoga tote bag

A person carrying the Constellation Trucksana packed with a yoga mat.

The Truckasana yoga tote bag.

The Truckasana is a yoga-specific new version of our original (and quite popular!) Truck tote. 

So, what makes the Truckasana specifically a yoga bag? The body of the tote is contoured to form a cradle into which your yoga mat (or foam roller) will nicely repose; just drop it between the handles / straps and away you go.

Here's how it accomplishes that mesmerizing feat: via two grippy spots integral to the inside top edge of the Truckasana; these spots are made of Toughtek® fabric and have a small amount of foam padding in them. The padding raises the Toughtek® fabric a bit proud of the surface fabric, enhancing contact with your yoga mat or roller.

The grippy ToughTek of the Truckasana holds your yoga mat in place!

Of course, just like our other bags, the Truckasana is a versatile bag and we know you guys will surprise us with all kind of interesting uses that we didn't even think of. One thing we already know: it makes a great knitting/crochet/craft bag. 

Important to know: since our production capacity has been split between face masks and bags, we didn't get to make quite as many Truckasanas as we would've liked. (FYI for those of you newer to our company: we're a small crew of 47 people and we sew all of our bags right here in Seattle.) It's possible that the Truckasana will sell out next week. Know that, if it does, we will make another full production run in 2021. 

The Truckasana will debut on Monday, 11/30 at 7:00am & 1:00pm Pacific Time. You can sign up here on the Truckasana page for an email reminder as soon as it's available for order. We're splitting the release so that folks in different time zones and with different family/life/work schedules will have more chances to order. 

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