April 28, 2021

Details, Photos, Scoops: All About The 5/6 Pre-Order

Small Cafe Bag in Canary

Small Cafe Bag in Canary 100d

Small Cafe Bag in Canary 1000d Cordura.

Our next pre-order is a big one: many different bags offered in many different colors. We'll get right to the details... 

The bags you'll be able to pre-order: 

It's the last chance ever to order the Large Cafe Bag....

Large Cafe Bag

We're bringing back the Large Cafe Bag one more time... and in the most color options ever! 

Many of you have been asking us to bring back the LCB one more time. We're glad you did: they look amazing in the new 1000d colors, especially Beaver Camo.

New and new-ish colors and fabrics include:

Beaver Camo (aka Woodland M81)

Small Zip-Top Shop Bag in Beaver Camo

A 1000d texturized nylon in a classic woodland camo print.

We first brought in the fabric we call Beaver Camo for a special project: a pro-bono design collaboration with wildlife biologists to create a bag to assist in the transfer of beavers. It's named, you guessed it, the Beaver Transfer Bag; read all about it here.

Over the years of making Beaver Transfer Bags, the pattern has grown on us, so we're offering it for the first time in bags designed for humans as part of this pre-order. You'll find that all of the 5/6 pre-order bags are available for order in Beaver Camo.

100% Cotton Twill

Original Large Shop Bag in Cotton Twill

Cotton twill originally woven in the U.S.A. for military uniforms.

This is a fine, handsome cotton twill. It was originally brought in to make reusable cloth face masks. We decided to make a few Shop Bag samples out of the material, and fell in love: it's soft, with a beautiful weave, and the perfect amount of slouch. Our Cotton Twill Shop Bags have been in use for over seven months, and they're still as soft and beautiful as ever.

It's worth noting the obvious: because it's deadstock fabric, this cotton is a relatively environmentally friendly option. It also won't last as long as a synthetic material, and the way it ages may be different than a synthetic, too. 

If you're someone who appreciates natural materials such as cotton and how they age and wear, this fabric will be a great option for you. If that's not you, choose a ballistic or texturized nylon option. Our Lifetime Guarantee covers defects in materials or work, which are almost always evident while a bag is still new. We don't consider the wear and lifespan of natural materials such as cotton to be a defect.

Bags available in Cotton Twill include the Original Small Shop Bag and Original Large Shop Bag.

1000d Cordura options 

So many Shop Bag colors!

Ah, Cordura: there's a reason you've been the classic pack fabric, the go-to for the outdoor industry for decades.

Your slightly rough, canvas-like texture helps to hide abrasion; it also means you're a little more likely to pick up pet hair or lint, but hey, that's what lint rollers are for. You've stood the test of time, you're still here, and we love you. 

All 5/6 pre-order bags are available in the following 1000d Cordura colors: Canary yellow, Mayura teal, Olive green, Orange 152 orange, and Red Blend red.

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