April 1, 2021

Introducing the new line of TOM BIHN cat beds

A grey cat curled around a Constellation Guide Edition Synik backpack.
Only now, after amassing 40+ years of design experience and expertise, do we feel prepared to craft a design for the most discerning, wise, meditative, enlightened and refined customer we've ever served: cats. 

We're proud to introduce the new line of TOM BIHN cat beds. Available in two styles — cardboard box or bag — these options are certain to please the feline in your life.  You can view the full collection of TOM BIHN cat beds here.

Thank you to the members of the TOM BIHN Facebook Group for sharing these photos with us!

For the hardest to please cats, we recommend purchasing a travel bag such as the Aeronaut 45 or Tri-Star; your cat will immediately recognize that a travel bag means you're going somewhere and will promptly sit on, or in it.

The environmentally-conscious cat will enjoy the upcycled TOM BIHN shipping box.

The wild, semi-domesticated feline will appreciate any of our tote bags, which are perfect for hiding in and pouncing from. We recommend placing the tote bag at the top of stairs or on a table near a hallway so that your cat can pop out and wap at you or your guests as they walk by.

For the meditative feline in your life, we recommend any and all of these options. Simply lay the bag or box down and your cat will sit on it and, with a penetrating gaze, engage in an open-eyed meditation in which you are the focal point. 

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Introducing the Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet ever made

The design of Nik’s original Minimalist Wallets was inspired by origami. His inspiration for the Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet was sourced from a different wellspring: the purely decorative pockets on women’s slacks, which provide all of the style features of pockets without the major drawback—namely, feeling obliged to store objects in the pockets, the accumulation of which can lead to unsightly lumpiness in one’s pants.

“There is no way forward in crafting an object to be more minimal. The path to true minimalism is backwards so that one may remove unnecessary additions; this eventually achieves the ultimate realization, that of stasis. My goal was to invite the consumer back to a simpler time -- a time before currency and credit history existed -- and to provide the experience of life lived without identification. Literally -- as in, without government-issued ID.” - Nik

Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet Ever Made

The Aeronaut 45 Tiny House

Aeronaut 45 Tiny House

The Aeronaut 45 Main Compartment Tiny House comes completely furnished with a bed, sink, Ikea furniture, a sheepskin for practicing yoga, reading material (Carl Jung's The Red Book) and we even include the first week of groceries: a box of Cap'N Crunch and a bottle of Tito's Vodka.

Into Crossfit? We've got you covered with O-rings!

New! Cafe Bag for carrying Carl Jung's The Red Book!

Cafe Bag for Carl Jung's The Red Book

Available for pre-order soon, the Cafe Bag for The Red Book is designed to allow you to carry The Red Book on a plane, to the park or grocery store, or on a first date or a job interview — anywhere that you might want to take a moment to delve into Jung's experiment with active imagination. It's also great for commuting via public transit: most folks will figure it's best to ignore you completely, but those who talk to you will definitely liven up what could be an otherwise boring day.


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