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How to pack a suit in luggage

How to pack a men's suit in the Tri-Star

Miking's method: dwright17's method: "I did the method where you fold one shoulder over the other, turning the jacket inside out, and leaving the sleeves to hang naturally inside (don't stuff one into the other). Then either fold it in half or in thirds. I didn't put it in plastic, as the instructions I read said the plastic would make it move around, which is what causes the wrinkles. You're supposed to have it packed fairly snug against other items, and the "inside out" part of the jacket serves as the barrier that I believe most people are looking for...

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Two Weeks in Japan (packing and trip videos)

Chris and family went on a two week trip to Japan; here's the trip in video. Gear laid out, packing lists, getting on the plane, sleeping on the plane, eating lots of amazing food..... When he's not going on awesome trips to Japan or packing for overnight work trips, Chris is the writer and producer at SHEP, the people who worked with us on our Tri-Star and Synapse videos.

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1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts. 0 checked bags.

1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts, 0 checked bags

Tweeted by @newtmitch "1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts. 0 checked bags."

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Why the Tom Bihn Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

American Station: Why the Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

Excerpt: "I’ve been traveling lately — from Chicago for my college roommate’s bachelor party to Jackson, Miss., for work and to hear my father-in-law play bass for the Uncle Sam Band. I’ve also been to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding and to the Mississippi Delta for the opening of a civil war tourist site in Helena, Ark. I drove to some destinations and flew to others. I stayed in hotels, condos, and the Shack Up Inn (look it up). Though each trip required different wardrobes and different equipment, I managed to successfully get to each destination and enjoy each...

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Women Traveling Solo thread in the TOM BIHN Forums

Forums: Women Traveling Solo

Photo by notmensa. This New York Times interview with Jodi Ettenberg - solo traveler extraordinaire and author of Legal Nomads - made us wonder how many of you are women who travel solo. As a solo traveler, do you place some level of trust in the universe and go with your gut? Do you take precautions? And if so, what are they? Has your consideration of the risks of a trip ended in your decision not to go? What are the benefits of traveling solo? Post your thoughts and experiences in the TOM BIHN Forums thread "Women Traveling Solo". And...

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Beers & Beans review of the TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

Beers & Beans: Straight Outta Seattle @TOMBIHN Tri-Star Review

We're sharing with you an excerpt from the Beers & Beans review of the Tri-Star. Tomorrow, we'll post an excerpt from their review of the Aeronaut. If you want to read both reviews now, head over to the Beers & Beans site (you'll probably want to do that anyway because it's a great travel blog, with, as you'll see if you haven't already, great writing and great photos.) Freeing the bag from its cardboard shipping cage, I held midnight blue luggage into the air as if it were a newborn cub and I was its proud father. “My god, this...

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Brain Bag backpack by TOM BIHN. Made in USA.

Alaska Dispatch: How to prepare for Alaska travel

"The complementary piece to the rolling bag is the backpack. And I'm a bit pickier with this, since I haul my computer and cameras. I like the "Brain Bag" from Tom Bihn Luggage in Seattle. It's well-engineered, with lots of clips, straps and pockets for keys, water bottle, book and power cords. Bihn and his crew pay special attention to extra padding for laptops. There are hundreds of backpacks out there, but I've found the traveling backpack is much different than the wilderness expedition backpack. Check around and find the right one." Read the full article by Scott McMurren at...

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Patti Digh Travel List on Pinterest

Patti Digh: My Travel List on Pinterest

Making Patti Digh's Travel Pinterest List are the: Aeronaut, Guardian Light, 3D Clear Organizer Cube, Absolute Shoulder Strap, Packing Cube Backpack, Snake Charmer, Clear Quarter Packing Cube and Tri-Star. Visit Pinterest to see the full Travel list.

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Derek Sivers uses the TOM BIHN Tri-Star

Derek Sivers Uses This (Tri-Star)

The Setup is a collection of nerdy interviews, asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done. Check out their interview with Derek Sivers, TED speaker and founder of CD Baby. We recommend you visit The Setup to read the very interesting interview. To cut to the Bihn-relevant part: "I’ve been living out of a carry-on bag for a few years, until recently, so the less, the better." And that carry-on bag is our Tri-Star:

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