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Download the #OpenCovidPledge V4 / V6 Mask pattern

We've taken the #OpenCovidPledge and have pledged to make our face mask designs available to all under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Download our previously shared patterns: V1 Mask Pattern (two layers) and V3 Mask Pattern (three layers).

The downloadable patterns linked below will allow you to make our V4 Mask (WIRED #1 Cloth Mask) and our new V6 Mask (six breathable layers) at home. 

V4 or V6 Mask Pattern, Size Small/Medium (PDF)

V4 or V6 Mask Pattern, Size Medium/Large (PDF)

Rachel, owner of the Etsy shop tombihninspired that offers versions of our face mask patterns including expanded sizes and filter pockets, created the videos below demonstrating how to sew the masks and make the adjustable ear loops and lanyard of the V2, V3,  V4 and V6 Masks. Note that masks with lanyards are for adult use only and are not intended for use by children 12 and under; see our warnings & guidelines. You may also be interested in checking out J.R.'s modified version of our V3 Mask pattern which includes a filter pocket, amongst other changes.

Noteworthy notes:

  • For the two fabric layers of our V4 Mask, we two layers of Two layers of OKEO-TEX 100% Cotton Flannel. We were honored to play a very small role in a recently published research study: Filtration Efficiencies of Nanoscale Aerosol by Cloth Mask Materials Used to Slow the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 published in ACS Nano. As you can read in the acknowledgements of the study, our small role was to send fabric samples to the researchers for testing. Please refer to the study to learn more about cloth mask materials, including flannel.
  • For the six layers of our V6 Mask, we use two outer layers of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Broadcloth and two inner layers of Spunbond Polypropylene.
  • Governments and public health institutions have issued various mask making guidelines that can guide your fabric choices. You may be interested reading mask material and construction guidance from the W.H.O.Canadian government, and the CDC.
  • Ear loop/lanyard material: we recommended using t-shirt yarn or stretchy athletic material (think yoga pants or dance tights.)
  • Nose bridge material: we sew a piece of 1/2” / 12mm nylon herringbone tape across the bridge of the nose so that you can slide a twisty-tie or piece of pipe cleaner in there to gently pinch/seal across your nose. This is optional of course. In the factory, we hot cut the ends of the herringbone tape to fuse the fibers together so they don’t fray: if what you use to create the channel can’t be hot knifed (like it’s cotton), simply cut it another inch / 25mm longer and fold the ends over as you sew.
  • Thank you for sewing and making masks; share your photos, stories, tips, and feedback with us by responding in the comments.


Creative Commons License
V4 / V6 Reusable Cloth Face Mask Pattern by TOM BIHN, INC. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on works at and

TOM BIHN has taken the #opencovidpledge - all of our face mask patterns will be offered under the Creative Commons license.


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  • Angela on

    Hi, I’ve been making TB masks from the patterns, thank you, and I hope to share pictures soon. I’ve also recently downloaded the V6 pattern and saw it’s quite different from V3. Hope that you can post a video on how to sew V6 soon!
    Thank you all at TB!

  • Adriane Reed on

    Thank you so much for sharing the new versions! Going to start sewing mine tonight!

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