February 1, 2021

New limited edition Halcyon colors: Taiga and Tidal

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Swatches of the Taiga 200 (sage green with white grid), Taiga 400 (sage green with black grid) and Tidal 200 (denim blue with white grid) Halcyon fabrics.

New Halcyon colors Taiga and Tidal

Halcyon 200d is a high-tech, high-performance alternative to the ubiquitous "oxford" cloths commonly used; it’s a ripstop fabric woven of 210 denier nylon (base fabric) with a square grid of 210 denier UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) yarns every .25" / 6mm. 

It’s made for us by our mill in Japan, and they’re kind enough to let us order small dye-lots of Halcyon — that allows us to experiment with new colors and offer them to you. Here’s our two latest limited edition Halcyon colors — 

Taiga is comforting, rich without being deeply hued, and peaceful. It’s not bright, it doesn’t command attention, and it’s certainly not for everyone. It is quiet, strong, and won’t go out of style: it’s a color of nature. It’s a multi-faceted color that changes in various lighting — one moment, it’s bright, and another, it’s dark. And, yes, Taiga 200d and 400d are actually the same exact color — it’s fascinating, isn’t it, how the white or black UHMWPE yarns can impact the appearance? Click here to see all bags currently available in Taiga 200d / 400d.

Tidal is a true mid-blue. In comparison to Acuity 200d, its muted; in comparison to our other blues, it’s lighter. On those days when the water isn’t dark blue, grey, or bright blue — it’s Tidal. Click here to see all bags currently available in Tidal.


Toby - April 2, 2024

Was curious if the synapse/ synik line will be available in black halcyon in the future.

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