July 16, 2013

"I've had my Empire Builder for almost four years now."

TOM BIHN Empire Builder after four years

John included this note with his order for a Brain Cell:

"I've had my Empire Builder for almost four years now. In that time it's travelled in the back of pickup trucks to Haitian refugee camps in the Dominican Republic, accompanied me on flights all over the eastern United States, spent nights inside (and outside) of tents, been carried to and from my office every day, and recently it's been a source of great fascination for my two year-old son. Amazingly, it has yet to be damaged - or even show any significant wear and tear -- despite almost always being loaded with far more mass and weight than I suspect you ever had in mind. I also continue to get compliments on how great the bag looks. I'm thrilled to be adding a Brain Cell to my Empire Builder, and I'm certain that the quality will be of the same caliber. Thanks Tom Bihn and company for making such a great product. If my Empire Builder ever wears out (and I'm beginning to wonder if it ever will), rest assured I'll be back for another."

TOM BIHN Empire Builder after four years

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