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Recognition for Our Crew from M.F.

Hello Tom Bihn Crew: I want to recognize those on the production team that create these wonderful bags. I ordered and received a Tri-Star last week. It is one thing to read and review a product online, but it is another to have it in hand. The materials that compose the bag are enough to differentiate it from competitors; yet, it's the quality craftsmanship that truly sets it apart. Time and effort are exemplified in its build quality, and I am honored to carry this product with me everyday (and for years to come). You all should be very proud...

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tpnl's Maker's Bag

Forum Moderator Photos and Reviews

The Forum moderators have been busy testing, experimenting with, and photographing the recent debuts. We wanted to share some of their pictures and thoughts with you. Feature photo: maverick coordinates his yarn with his Maker's Bag. The Maker's Bag tpnl: "I had never had an all Dyneema bag and I was hesitant …. well I took the plunge and I am glad to say I LOVE this bag in all Dyneema!" Ilkyway: "This bag has so many pockets and organisational features and is so clean and unfussy on the outside—very very neat!" Badger: "It’s the perfect size for what I tend to...

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Review Round-up

Reviews of our bags from around the web. Amy of Taking Steps Home reviews the Aeronaut 45 and Packing Cube Backpack; expect to see many great photos, one of which is featured above. Welcome to the family: Erin Brooks reviews The Parental Unit at Tools and Toys. Everyday Commentary recently posted their review of The Parental Unit. At Her Packing List, Brooke Schoenman reviews The Smart Alec. Trevor Knoll at RMK Outdoors reviews the Synapse 19. The Bowers travel the world with their Tri-Stars; read their review on Established 2010. Digital Trends lists the Daylight Briefcase as one of their picks...

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nsh Reviews the Parental Unit

nsh is quite well-known on the Forum for her detailed, well-written minimalist packing lists (check out her lists for Hong Kong, Chicago, and Honduras).  Recently, she and her husband became parents, an event that puts any human being's organizational skills to the test, but which can be particularly trying for people who believe that less is more and want everything in its place.  nsh seemed like the perfect person to take the new Parental Unit diaper bag for a road test.  She put it through its paces and here's what she has to say:   Babies require gear. No matter how much of a minimalist...

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itsablur's Founder's Briefcase Video Review

Questions? Thoughts? Post them in itsablur’s "What Once Was Lost, Now is Found(er's): A Video Review of the Founder's Briefcase" thread in our Forums. See also: the Founder's Briefcase

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itsablur's Video Review of the Aeronaut 30 vs 45

With a little free time, an Aeronaut 30, an Aeronaut 45, and a camera, itsablur (a regular in our Forums) put together this awesome video comparing the two bags: Questions? Thoughts? Post them in itsablur's "A Tale of Two Aeronauts (or my Video Review of the A30, compared to the A45)" thread.

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The Tom Bihn ID: An 11-Year Review

Boolie's 11-Year Review of the ID

This is what an 11-year-old TOM BIHN bag looks like. Better late than never, Boolie has posted a thorough review of his ID bag. He writes: "While I’ve been driving to work the past few years, most of my time with the bag has been spent walking or on the train. It’s about a 20 minute walk home from the train station and, living in Portland, I’ve been rained on countless times, from light drizzles to out-and-out downpours. Snowed on a few times. One day I even trudged home in a freezing rain, finally arriving home to find the bag...

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Regev's Review of the Synapse 19

Regev Elya's Synapse 19 Review

"One thing that makes this bag [Synapse 19] stand out is its magnificently brilliant design. It is engineered so slickly and so intelligently that you can pack a hell lot more than other, much-larger backpacks. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a work of art." Read the full review over at Regev's blog.

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A Tale of Two Aeronauts (itsablur's video review of the A30 vs. A45)

itsablur has posted another awesome video review: this time comparing the Aeronaut 45 and the Aeronaut 30. Watch it below. And if you've got questions for itsablur (or requests for future videos -- we hope he makes more!) here's the forum thread for the video.

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Minimalist Business - Brain Cell, Smart Alec Lower Modular Pocket, Organizer Pouches, 16” Key Strap for keys Note:  Brain Cell is worn “reversed”—i.e., with the webbing pocket side towards you.

TPNL’s TB Design Spotlight

On the Forum, member tpnl is well-known for his detailed and insightful posts and creative TB hacks.  Today, he is turning the design spotlight on the Brain Cell.  Read on . . . Protection and Lightweight Minimalism – The Brain Cell I quite often wonder, as I am sure many of you do as well, why I like Tom Bihn products so much—there are few companies that can engage people’s passion as much. The conclusion I came to is that I resonate with what I believe is Tom Bihn’s underlying ethos—to create something the stands the test of time through...

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