April 1, 2019

Introducing The Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet Ever Made

A person on a beach with their arms raised, holding the most minimalist wallet ever made!

This is the kind of freedom you'll feel with the Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet ever made.

Nik’s original Minimalist Wallets debuted in late 2018. Though many appreciated the original wallets, some asked for an even more minimal design. Nik went back to the drawing board -- and to the shopping mall -- and designed what we proudly claim is the most minimal minimalist wallet ever made.

The design of Nik’s original Minimalist Wallets was inspired by origami. His inspiration for the Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet was sourced from a different wellspring: the purely decorative pockets on women’s slacks, which provide all of the style features of pockets without the major drawback—namely, feeling obliged to store objects in the pockets, the accumulation of which can lead to unsightly lumpiness in one’s pants.

“There is no way forward in crafting an object to be more minimal. The path to true minimalism is backwards so that one may remove unnecessary additions; this eventually achieves the ultimate realization, that of stasis. My goal was to invite the consumer back to a simpler time -- a time before currency and credit history existed -- and to provide the experience of life lived without identification. Literally -- as in, without government-issued ID.”
- Nik

Nik’s Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet features two “pockets” and holds nothing. It is priced at $1,000 due to its exquisite lack of utility.


Sketch after sketch drawn and discarded, countless prototypes sewn and tossed aside in frustration.

This wallet asks so you don't have to: do I really need this? Can I purchase it?

How about I trade you this nifty wallet for my bubble tea?

Hi, officer. License and registration? How about just the latter?

When you love something this much, you set it free.

Darn. It came back.

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TB Crew - November 19, 2019

@Andrea Glad we made you laugh :)

Patti Storrs - November 19, 2019

Love it! Need in viridian for sure.

John - November 19, 2019

Funny but the Aeronaut Tiny House and the Synapse 3000 are the true classic must(not)have debuts!

Andrea - November 19, 2019

Who knew those decorative pockets would be inspirational? Thanks for the laugh today!

TB Crew - November 19, 2019

@John True!

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