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Daylight Briefcase

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  • Grey 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • Burnt Orange 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parpack
  • Olive 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • French Blue 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • Black 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • Plum 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • Linen 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • Nordic 400 Halcyon/Northwest Sky 200 Halcyon
  • Navy 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
  • Red Blend 1000 Cordura/Steel 420 Parapack
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Daylight Briefcase


Ultralight 400d Halcyon/420d nylon ripstop exterior — or — 1000 denier Cordura® exterior
200 denier Halcyon/nylon ripstop interior pockets — or — 420d HT Parapack interior pockets
#5 YKK coil zipper with plastic sliders
Top shelf webbing handles
Simple Shoulder Strap included


Made in USA
100% finished seams


Dimensions: 14.1" x 10.2" x 3.9" / 360 x 260 x 100 mm
400d Dyneema®/420d nylon ripstop: 9.2 oz / 260 grams
1000d Cordura®: 12.5 oz / 354 grams
Volume: 550 cubic inches / 9 liters (ASTM Standard Measure)
Total O-rings: 6 (2 in the main compartment, 2 in the front horizontal pocket, 2 in the back horizontal pocket)
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From the less-is-more school: a minimalist briefcase.

From the same "less is more" design school as the Daylight Backpack, the Daylight Briefcase is our answer to those who desire a classic, ultralight, and utilitarian briefcase.

And, like any well-realized, pure, straight-forward design, the Daylight Briefcase is defined almost as much by what it forgoes as by what it features. Our decision to omit padded handles, foam panels, and structure makes it eminently light and packable: an empty Daylight Briefcase fits flat in the main compartment of the Aeronaut 45, and it can be rolled and stowed in just about any of our larger bags.

Take a closer look at the Daylight Briefcase and you'll see our signature well thought-out pocketry. On the front face, one zippered pocket sits at a slight slope so you can slip in your 7" tablet with ease, either on its own or in a vertical 7" Tablet Cache or vertical Cache for iPad Mini. (Tip: tuck the flap of the Cache above the zipper and to the left so that the Cache remains in the pocket when you remove your tablet.) Above that slanted pocket, a second zippered pocket spans the width of the bag. Inside, it is divided down the middle into two sides that are well-suited for holding a phone, a paperback or Kindle, a power supply, or other small stuff.

One wall of the main compartment contains an open-top pocket with an elastic top. This clever application of elastic means the pocket can offer greater capacity for bulkier items without totally bellowing out, as well as making it easier for you stow and retrieve things without catching them on the edge of the pocket. On the opposite wall you'll find two webbing loops designed to accept our Cache laptop sleeve. The Cache secures to the interior of the Daylight Briefcase in such a way that you can slide it out at TSA security checkpoints without actually removing your laptop from the Cache, turning the Daylight briefcase into a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag for the 13" MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro Retina, 13" Macbook, 11" MacBook Air, or other similarly sized laptops. Here’s a link to a video demonstrating how this works.

O-rings? You bet. There's a total of six O-rings in the Daylight Briefcase: two in the main compartment, and two in each of the horizontal pockets on the face and back of the bag (tucked up near the external edges of the handles). Just to get you started, we've included an 8" Key Strap in Black, tethered to one of the O-rings in the main compartment. Add Organizer Pouches, Key Straps, a Guardian Light, or even a 3D Organizer Cube to customize and organize the inside of your bag.

The exterior back side has a pocket with a gently curved zipper. Files or a magazine fit great, but, like with the Daylight Backpack, stowing a jacket in this pocket creates a padded back panel and gives the bag some body and definition.

Although the top webbing grab handles can be pushed down out of the way when they're not of use, they naturally want to arise and meet, ready for your hand to grab. The Daylight Briefcase comes with a Simple Shoulder Strap, which clips to d-ring attachment points.

Choosing an Exterior Fabric

You like choices and we like to give you choices! That's why the Daylight Briefcase is typically available* in two different exterior fabrics. Here are some quick facts about each fabric that may help you decide which to choose. And we're always here if you have questions:

400d Halcyon

A ripstop fabric woven of 420 denier nylon (base fabric) with a square grid of 400 denier UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) yarns every .25" / 6mm with a light urethane coating. Made in Japan. For more information, see our Materials Glossary.

Choose this fabric if:

  • You want a minimalist, ultralight experience and you're willing to be a little gentler with your gear because of it.
  • You expect your bag to last a long time but not forever-and-ever (because only true love lasts forever).
  • You have pets -- 400d Halcyon doesn't collect pet hair, reducing your monthly lint roller costs.

1000 denier Cordura®

A nylon fabric whose texturized fibers help to hide surface damage caused by abrasion. The fibers broken by abrasion are masked by the already "broken" discontinuous surface fibers. Medium urethane coating. Made in U.S.A. For more, see our Materials Glossary.

Choose this fabric if:

  • You want a durable, canvas-like, and natural-feeling fabric.
  • You appreciate that it's been the go-to, classic pack fabric in the outdoor industry for the past four decades.
  • You don't have pets or don't care about your bag collecting pet hair, and you don't mind that Cordura® is a more abrasive feeling fabric.

*There may be times when one of the exterior fabrics mentioned here isn't available. Even with our best efforts, the demand for our bags occasionally outpaces our production capabilities: at times, some products, color combinations, or fabrics might be temporarily unavailable or "In Production." See the In Production color combinations as a guide to what our factory crew is making and what will be available next.

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Laptop Fit Guide

want help choosing the right size?

1. Measure Your Laptop

Measure your laptop (or Google its make, model, and the word “dimensions” to find its listed dimensions).
Compare its measurements with the chart to the left (swap the Height and Width when measuring for a Vertical oriented Cache).

2. Compare Those Measurements To These

Size Interior Width Interior Height Interior Thickness
New Horizontal 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina 201612" / 305mm8.3" / 213mm0.6" / 15mm
Horizontal 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina12.4" / 314mm8.6" / 219mm0.7" / 18mm
Horizontal MacBook Air 1312.8" / 325mm8.9" / 232mm0.7" / 17mm
Horizontal MacBook Air 1111.8" / 300mm7.6" / 192mm0.7" / 17mm
Horizontal 12-inch MacBook11.6" / 290mm7.9" / 200mm0.5" / 12mm
Horizontal Surface Pro (w/ Keyboard)11.5" / 292mm7.9" / 201.4mm0.5" / 13mm
Horizontal iPad Pro 12.9"12" / 305mm8.9" / 225mm0.4" / 9mm
Horizontal iPad Pro 12.9" w/ Keyboard12.1" / 307mm8.9" / 227mm0.6" / 15mm
Horizontal iPad Air OR Pro 9.7"9.5" / 240mm6.7" / 170mm0.3" / 8mm
Horizontal iPad9.5" / 240mm7.3" / 186mm0.4" / 9mm
Horizontal iPad Mini7.9" / 200mm5.3" / 153mm0.3" / 7mm
Horizontal 7-inch 1987.8" / 198mm5.2" / 131mm0.4" / 10mm
Horizontal 7-inch 1947.6" / 194mm5.2" / 131mm0.4" / 10mm

Build your own organization

your bag already has great built-in organization. that said, you may want to add these optional organizational accessories to further organize and protect what you carry.

visible variant TB0321R


The Cache is a protective laptop or tablet sleeve that's available in many sizes. It protects your laptop with .25" thick foam padding and transforms the Daylight Briefcase into a checkpoint friendly briefcase.

visible variant TB0555

Shoulder Straps

The Standard Shoulder Strap has a .25" / 6 mm texturized rubber pad, making it a good choice for those looking for some comfort but not needing the over-the-top comfort of the Absolute Strap. The Absolute Shoulder Strap has a unique, patented, internal control-stretch system, making it the ideal shoulder strap for those who carry hefty loads or simply want the most comfortable strap available.

Lifetime Guarantee

You can expect your TOM BIHN bag to give you years of hard service. Our bags are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the bag. That means if something goes wrong and it's our fault, we'll fix it at no charge.

Defects in materials or workmanship are uncommon and are most often evident while your bag is still new. Keep in mind that daypacks and briefcases are often subject to serious wear in everyday use. We often see TOM BIHN bags that are still solid and in use after five, ten, fifteen, even twenty or twenty-five years, with minor repairs needed here or there. But remember: only true love lasts forever.

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