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New: Strap Keepers

New: Strap Keepers

Our Strap Keepers are designed to be the lowest-profile and easiest to use solution out there for bundling and securing excess backpack shoulder strap webbing. They can be used with any brand of backpack that uses 1" webbing; of course, they'll work perfectly with all TOM BIHN packs. It’s one of those to-may-to or to-mah-to kind of things: some folks don’t like the excess webbing from our backpack shoulder straps or waist straps and some of folks don’t even notice it. Those of you who aren’t into the excess webbing have been asking us if we could offer a solution...

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TOM BIHN Strap Keepers for excess webbing

Strap Keepers

Hey! We've come up with a new design of Strap Keepers and we'd like your help testing them. It’s one of those to-may-to or to-mah-to kind of things: some folks don’t like the excess webbing from our backpack shoulder straps or waist straps and some of folks don’t even notice it. Those of you who aren’t into the excess webbing have been asking us if we could offer a solution to wrangle it. We’ve been experimenting with different parts and options for a while now, and what we're calling our Strap Keepers (because you called them that!) is our favorite...

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Up close with the Synik

Synik 22/30 Pre-Production Batch Notes

The Synik 22 and Synik 30 pre-order opened on 08/13 and it sold out less than 12 hours later. We opened a second pre-order on 08/15 and it sold out this Monday 08/19. Pre-order is now officially closed and our factory crew has already started making the pre-ordered Syniks. Several weeks from now, after the pre-order bags are nearly completed, we will begin an additional production run of Syniks for stock; we expect those to be ready for order sometime early-mid December. Thank you to everyone who placed a pre-order for the Synik. We've all been working hard on the...

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Future Saturday Showroom Dates

Mark your calendars! Our Seattle Factory Showroom will be open the following Saturdays: Dec. 14th 2019 and, in 2020, March 21st, June 20th, and September 19th.

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Stand up meeting to discuss Synik Pre-order

2nd Synik Pre-Order Opens 08/15

Above: Lisa, Nik, Mike, Fong, and Ben meeting to discuss the production schedule, materials inventory, and other considerations related to offering a second pre-order for the Synik. Our new Synik 22 and Synik 30 backpacks sold out in less than 12 hours -- that's much sooner than we expected. It made for a very exciting day here at the factory: we've all been working hard on the project of the Synik (see our Credits) and that all of you liked what we were putting out there enough to order it means a lot to us. At the same time, it...

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The Synik 22 Backpack

The new Synik backpack (pre-order opens 08/13)

The Synik — available two sizes: 22 liters or 30 liters — is a variation of the original Synapse 19 / 25 and it was designed by Nik in collaboration with Tom. It includes many of the features some of you have been asking for; we added some additional features as well. Pre-order opens 08/13 and closes 08/20; sign up on either the Synik 22 or Synik 30 pages to be notified the moment the bags are available for pre-order. One of our goals is to give you as much information as possible about our bags so that you can...

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Using the Gatekeeper waist strap to secure the Synik to rolling luggage

Ways To Secure Your Bag to Rolling Luggage

Some of our bags -- such as the Cadet, Synik, Pilot, and Co-Pilot -- have built-in rolling luggage handle pass-through slots. But what do you do if your bag doesn't have a pass-through, or you have rolling luggage with a very thick, wide handle that can’t fit through the bag's built-in pass-through? There’s two solutions we can offer: Option #1 Use the Webbing Waist Belt On the Bag You Have This is admittedly a bit of a hack, but if you have one of our bags, you might already have what you need for it and, in that case, it’s...

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Synik on some rolling luggage

Synik 22/30 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Directory General Questions Why is it called the Synik? There's also a "Nik's Minimalist Wallet". Does Nik have a really big head/ego/whatever? Why is the Synik more expensive than the original Synapse? Can you share more about the fabric choices that the Synik is offered in? How much does the Synik weigh vs. the Synapse? What sizes of laptops fit in the Synik 22 and Synik 30? If I stuff my Synik completely full, or even overstuff it, will it be more difficult to use the built-in laptop compartment? Hey! I want a padded hip belt for my Synik. Is...

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TOM BIHN Wild Limpet Backpack (early 1980's)

Our Thoughts On Load Lifters

A design of Tom's from the early-mid 1980s that had load lifters: the Wild Limpet. In use, Tom found that the load lifters didn't do much for this pack (except distorting the shape of it) because it didn't have a frame. Load lifters are somewhat ubiquitous on large internal frame and external frame packs and, on those packs, can be useful; their application or utility on smaller packs is, in our opinion, of dubious merit. From a guide to backpacks: “Load Lifters - Part of the shoulder strap and is used to lift the pack's weight off the shoulders.” There’s...

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New: Free Materials for DIY Projects

We've created a new page that invites you to "order" free materials that we can't make use of but maybe you can: Free Materials for DIY Projects

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