August 20, 2021

Big Organization for Mini Bags: Paradigm & Zeitgeist

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Big Organization for Mini Bags: Paradigm & Zeitgeist
For our new mini-packs, small organizational additions are the name of the game. Luckily, we have lots of options for adding just a hint, a soupçon, of organization to your awesome new pack. 

As always, adding additional organization to your pack is totally optional. The Paradigm has that great triple-pocket in the front for a small water bottle and quick-access items, while the Zeitgeist (meant to be even more minimal) still has its sizable front slash pocket, and the main compartment has a small incidentals pocket as well.

The main compartments of the two bags are nearly identical, and therefore the same items will work in either. For that main compartment, we’d recommend the following:
Now for the pockets that set these two apart!

In the Zeitgeist, which means timeghost in German (ok, I think technically it’s “time spirit”, but I think timeghost sounds way cooler), you have two additional pockets: a small pocket inside the main compartment, and a larger one on the outside of the bag accessed with a diagonal slash pocket. The one inside the bag is excellent for small stuff, and these accessories will fit perfectly:
For the outer pocket of the Zeitgeist the Mini, Small, and Pen/Pencil size Clear Organizer Pouches work great, as do the Ghost Whales all the way up to the A5 size. There’s even enough give to the pocket to accommodate a Cubelet in there if you were so inclined.

Next is the Paradigm. Its front pocket has three distinct slots, two of which have an additional flat pocket within them. While the middle one is perfect for a small water bottle or mini collapsible umbrella, both it and the ones to the side work great with the following:
Can you think of anything we missed that might work great in these two fantastic new bags? Let us know in the comments below!


Demetra - September 21, 2021

Both of these new smaller bags look super promising IF they’d fit and 12.9” IPad PRO

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