September 23, 2021

The Future of the Clear Organizer Wallet

The Future of the Clear Organizer Wallet

Folks had asked us to film a new video showing off the features and use of the Clear Organizer Wallet (COW) — we filmed this reel before the COW was restocked on 8/30 and sold out same day, which caught us by surprise. 

But there's two videos below: first up is the video you asked us to make. Second is a video that shows off two new potential versions of the Clear Organizer Wallet. You see, we're totally out of the brown suede material to make the dividers as we did in the last batch, and we're now looking at two different options: Texon or Black microsuede. 

We want your feedback on the two options — which would you prefer and why? — so be sure to share it in the comments. 


So, to recap from the beginning: after we retired our Clear Organizer Wallet, many of you asked us to offer another production run. We did, and it sold out quickly. Since it'd be annoying of us not to offer another run (not everyone was able to have a COW, man) we're going to make more, but here's the thing: we're out of the brown synthetic suede that we used to make the dividers of the last batch. The good news is that we have two other options, but the bad news is we can't decide which we like best: it's 50/50 here amongst the crew. 

First option is: Texon. Texon is the material used to make the accessory strap holders on The Guide's Pack and Guide's Edition Syniks, Synapses. It's a stiff, durable, high quality faux leather/felt. Those of us who prefer the Texon dividers prefer them because they are stiff: it's easier to thumb through the dividers, and the wallet overall is stiffer and has more structure. 

Second option is: Black Microsuede. Also a high-quality faux material, this suede is perhaps just a little softer than the previous synthetic suedes used for the COW. Those of us here at TB who prefer this option like it because of the softness: this version of the COW is much more comfortable carried in pants pockets.

Based on the video and our descriptions above, which option would you prefer and why? Note: while this isn't a poll or vote (we gather feedback from many online spaces, as well as crew, friends, and family in-person) we will consider the feedback shared as we decide which material to use on the next run of COWs!


Jeff - October 15, 2021

I vote for the micro suede. I prefer the flexibility of the fabric.

Ian - October 12, 2021

I vote Texon mainly because of the lighter color in low-light situations. The rigidity doesn’t matter to me as the wallet stays flat in my bag.

Mimi - October 12, 2021

Microsuede sounds better to me — and my preference is BRIGHT COLORS for the non-divider fabric. I want this to be easy to find at night or in a overstuffed backpack.

peach dreams - October 11, 2021

Maybe you could put one of each divider fabrics in the COW. Best of both. I have 3 and can find a use for more, and in different sizes and colors. So useful!

Alan - October 11, 2021

I wish you would put the zipper on the very top (not on the side). That would provide easier access and retrieval

Thank you!!

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