December 12, 2012

Travelite FAQ Reviews the Western Flyer in 400d Dyneema/nylon

TOM BIHN Western Flyer reviewed by the Travelite FAQ


"While I knew the Dyneema version of the bag would be lighter, I was pleasantly surprised by some additional things I noticed during a recent test run on a Thanksgiving weekend trip:

Lighter -- it’s one thing to read that the Dyneema version weighs 20 percent less, and another to actually walk around with a packed bag. I’m short (5-feet 3 inches in thick socks), and the lighter weight of the bag was quite noticeable when I was walking around carrying the bag with the backpack straps."


"Super smooth surface -- if you’re a fan of Dyneema like I am, you know that the fabric is super-smooth. Nothing snags on this fabric. And if you get any dirt on it, you can just wipe it off and it comes off right away, and smaller bits of dirt won’t get caught in the weave of the fabric. The Dyneema feels slicker than the ballistic nylon, and even though the Western Flyer is the same size regardless of which fabric you get, the Dyneema version seems much easier to slide in and out from the underseat area on the plane. I found it really easy to pull the Dyneema Western Flyer out from the area with the side handle during the flight as well."

Read the full review @ The Travelite FAQ

TOM BIHN Western Flyer reviewed by the Travelite FAQ

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