June 16, 2015

Summer Colors: Zest, Island, Northwest Sky

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Farm Share. And the Shop Bag in Northwest Sky. | TOM BIHN

We've long discussed new Halcyon 200d Halcyon but we couldn't wrap our heads around retiring any of our current 200d colors: Iberian, Ultraviolet, Steel, Wasabi. Adding a fifth or even sixth color to the existing four seemed like a lot to add to our already large palette. Then it came to us: offer a small selection of new Halcyon 200d as "limited edition" colors. Maybe if there was one of the bunch that everyone really liked we'd keep it. Maybe not.

Meet the colors we chose for this round:

A cheerful mid-orange.

Bright calm blue.

Northwest Sky
Sedately overcast.

All three new colors are available in the following bags:
Aeronaut 45
Aeronaut 30
Travel Stuff Sack
Travel Tray
RFID Blocking Passport Pouch
Shop Bags

There's enough Zest and Island fabric left for us to make a few more bags at least, though we haven't yet decided which bags those will be. Northwest Sky? When the bags it's available in are gone, it'll be gone too.

Here's how we've been using our new bags in Zest, Island, and Northwest Sky:

Farm Share. And the Shop Bag in Northwest Sky. | TOM BIHN

Game Night! Shop Bag in Island | TOM BIHN

Pacific Northwest Beach Bag: Swimsuits and Down Jackets and a Shop Bag in Zest | TOM BIHN

Our Travel Tray in Northwest Sky | TOM BIHN



Sue H - November 19, 2019

I hope by the fact that there is no blue left (the navy dyneema of long ago, the Nordic, and the Island) you can tell that many people love blues. I’ve managed ever to get one Nordic shopping bag, but I missed Island until it’s all gone. Oh, how I’d love Island and navy for stuff sacks—those delightful oval ones!!— and shopping bags and and and. Island would make lovely linings. Earth tones are all very well, but there’s a sky to love, too.

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