June 16, 2015

Introducing the New Citizen Canine


Meet version two of the Citizen Canine: a treat bag designed to come along when you take your best friend for a walk, hike or training class.

We introduced the Citizen Canine in its first incarnation in November of 2011. We've been kicking around improved prototypes for a couple of years now: while we all loved the first version, we also wanted more room to carry more treats, a bigger phone, and, most importantly, we wanted a place to put a tennis ball. About six months ago we finally felt like we had nailed it. Other design updates include a simplified way of both loading and dispensing poop bags and a better cord/cord lock system. For the full details (and lots of photos) check out the Citizen Canine page.

The original Citizen Canine was our first step into the world of designing and making dog gear (officially, at least: we'd been making our own toys and leashes after hours for some time). It was good enough fun that we were inspired to make more dog gear: beds, leashes, and toys. With that, Skookum Dog -- dog gear designed and made by the creative team here at TOM BIHN (that's Tom, Nik, and Darcy) -- was launched in 2013. For a while, Skookum Dog was on its own; just yesterday, we brought it back to the TOM BIHN family and now all Skookum Dog gear is available on tombihn.com. The original Citizen Canine featured the TOM BIHN logo; the new Citizen Canine features the Skookum Dog logo (note the resemblance to Tom and Ichiro).

Skookum is a Chinook word that translates to: “good,” “strong,” “brave.” If you’re a Pacific Northwesterner, you know this word: creeks, rivers, and trails here are often contain "Skookum" in the name. And that’s where you’ll find us in the mornings, the evenings, the weekends—whenever we can find the time: on the trails, along the rivers, in the mountains and meadows, hanging out with our friends, human and canine alike.

Skookum’s Creed is this: Loyalty first. Have Fun now, not later. Be Good. Be Strong.

It’s what our dogs have taught us. You are loyal to your friends. There’s no reason to put off doing something fun. Being good means being who you are and being good to those around you. And being strong means remembering all of this no matter what.



The Citizen Canine Dog Treat Bag | TOM BIHN


Dee - November 19, 2019

I ordered mine in three minutes flat. Took me awhile to decide on color between steel and green or it would have been one minute. Many thanks for the care you took in designing. We cannot wait for ours to arrive. My dog and I have been waiting a long time. But now it’s on the truck. Hooray!!

Dee - November 19, 2019

I have to compliment you all on your fine choice of treats in the promotional photographs for the CC. Orijen food and treats are the best. My dog says so. We can’t wait to get our new steel CC and we are going to fill it with Orijen duck and regional red treats.

thanks again for your great work.

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