June 18, 2015

"Cabin OK" and The Aeronaut (It's OK)

TOM BIHN Aeronaut 30 Travel Bag "Cabin OK" IATA

You may have read about the "Cabin OK" initiative launched by the IATA -- and the confusion surrounding it. Note this clarification excerpted from a recent New York Times article about the campaign:
"The new proposed guideline is not a maximum but an “optimum.” Airlines are still free to set their own, higher limits. You do not need to replace your bag. The association’s idea is simply that smaller bags, approved through an I.A.T.A. program and bearing a “Cabin OK” logo, should get priority to stay on board on those full flights where some bags must be gate-checked."

Even though the campaign has been put on hold, we're guessing you might be wondering if your Aeronaut 45/Aeronaut 30/Tri-Star/Western Flyer will fit the originally proposed (as of 06/11/2015) IATA "Cabin OK" sizer dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20 cm / 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches.

The short answer: Yes. If you have one of our bags, you've chosen soft-sided luggage and all of its advantages. Because bags like the Aeronaut 30, Tri-Star, Western Flyer and even the Aeronaut 45, are soft, you can often squeeze them into sizers they technically shouldn't fit in based on their exterior dimensions (as long as you don't overpack.)

But you know us: we like to really test things. Ben (our Materials and Facilities Manager; you know him from our Cord Zipper Pull How-To video) made a mock-up "Cabin OK" sizer:

TOM BIHN Aeronaut 30 Travel Bag "Cabin OK" IATA

Results below. For continuing coverage on this topic, follow One Bag, One World.

Aeronaut 30 Fits easily in the sizer, even fully packed.

Aeronaut 45 Fits in the sizer as long as you don't overpack it (it shouldn't bulge at all). For an easier fit: stow away the backpack straps and underpack it a bit.

Western Flyer Fits easily in the sizer, even fully packed.

Tri-Star Fits easily in the sizer; just be mindful to not overpack it.


Dean - November 19, 2019

Just came back from 15 days in London and around Northern France. This was my first attempt at carry on only for such a big trip and let me tell you…my Tom Bihn bag was a lifesaver. Five different flights in total with very short connections in between. We were absolutely sprinting through some airports. Thank goodness we weren’t checking any luggage or we never would have made it.

We even flew Ryanair from London to Strasbourg. They are one of the strictest airlines around and they took one glance at my Aeronaut 45 and told me to move along. No need to weigh it nor check the size. Love every item I’ve purchased from Tom Bihn and now my travel partner will be a convert too. It’s nice to see such a quality product still being made in America. Next time I’m in Seattle, I want to add a Tom Bihn tour to the itinerary.

Birgit-Cathrin / Takkiwrites - November 19, 2019

I just came back from a month traveling in Canada. I was flying out of Switzerland with Lufthansa Cityline to Frankfurt. They are very strikt with the carry-on bags. I traveled with my Aeronaut 45 and a camera bag. I had no problems with the Aeronaut bringing it on board. I fitted the overhead compartement. Flying from Frankfurt to Vancouver was also no problem with my carry ons. Only when flying with Air North in the Yukon, I had the bag taken into the rear end of the Hawker plane. But they take care of your hand luggage, so no worries. Travelling with my Aeronaut to the far north was a pleasure. This bag is genius. On my flight back from Frankfurt with Lufthansa Cityline most people had to hand their carry ons to the flight attandent, to be stowed away. Not so with the Aeronaut 45.

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