February 14, 2022

Retro Styling With Modern Organization Options: What Fits in The Old School Carry-All

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Old School Carry All, OSCA, Night Walk, Burnt Orange

While the Old School Carry-All (OSCA) isn't as ginormous as some of our other bags, it nonetheless has large open pockets that can accommodate all kinds of gear and accessories.

As always, adding additional organization to your TOM BIHN bag is totally optional.  As a duffel, some folks will want to keep their OSCA uncluttered to keep the bulk of the volume available for chunky items like gym clothes, shoes, and sports equipment (it makes a great studio bag for martial arts/self defense/yoga training!).  Meanwhile, others will want to use it as an EDC bag, and will appreciate having extra pouches and smaller bags inside to keep their day-to-day accoutrements from getting lost in the bottom of the bag.

The main compartment of the OSCA is the largest of the three, and has four O-rings, two on each side.  The other two pockets are identical in size and have three O-rings each, for a bag-total of 10!  Want to know more about our O-ring system?  You can learn all about it in this blog post.

Here's what we recommend to kit-out your OSCA (note that all of these items will fit in all three compartments; the center main compartment just has room for more stuff):

Looking for easily removable organization for pens and small electronics?  The Freudian Slip made for the Small Café Bag fits nicely in the main compartment of the OSCA and provides a place for those sorts of daily use items.

Want to carry a tablet or small laptop in your OSCA and keep it protected?  You can fit a Cache up to size 12A (but not 12B, it's a little tall) in the main compartment.

The Old School Carry-All could be the perfect bag to fill that all-purpose duffel-shaped space in your heart.  Can you think of any accessories we missed that you'd use in the OSCA?  Let us know in the comments below, as well as how you use yours!  =)

*Please note that all of the items mentioned in this article were in-production items at the time of writing.  If you're reading this in the far-flung future (did we get flying cars yet?), some of these items may have been retired.  If you have questions, please emailus@tombihn.com!


Shep Bostin - February 20, 2022

I love the OSCA! Will you be making more in black and/or night walk halcyon any time soon?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi there! We’re dealing with some supply side issues around the night walk
color right now so likely not in the immediate future!

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