February 15, 2022

2/22 Pre-Order: Swift, Little Swift, and Knitting Accessories

Little Swift, Solaris, Halcyon, TOM BIHN knitting

Our Knitting Goods Pre-order will be open from Tuesday 2/22 7:00am PST until Tuesday 3/1 at 3:00pm PST* and have an estimated shipping date of late April. Want to see everything that'll be available for pre-order in one spot? Visit the Knitting Goods Collection

Here is the full list of designs that will be available for pre-order:


Swift in Original 400 Halcyon/Solaris 200
Little Swift in Seapine 630/Sangria Cerylon
Swift in Verde 1050/Ultraviolet 200
Medium Clear Bottom Yarn Stuff Sack in Ultraviolet 200

New to pre-orders?

They work like this: you order it, we sew it in Seattle. You can cancel your pre-order or change the shipping address up until three days before it ships. Check out our Pre-Order FAQ or ask in the comments (you'll be notified via email when we respond!)

You're welcome to order in-stock bags and restocked bags along with your pre-order. You can also place additional orders and add bags to your held pre-order up until a few days before it ships (we'll send you an email heads-up about that!). Our default is to hold those bags and ship them with your pre-order once it's ready. If you'd like the in-stock bags to ship sooner, either place a separate order for those or, once the order is placed, log in to your TOM BIHN account to choose to have in-stock items shipped right away.

Already have a pre-order in place for the Yeoman or Le Petit Derriere? You're welcome to add any of the Knitted Goods pre-order items to your existing pre-order. We will ship everything to you in one shipment once all pre-order items are ready.


*Back in January, we mentioned that we may have to set pre-order limits on certain 200d Halcyon colors, due to a delay in receiving Halcyon shipments. Well, believe it or not, this same shipment of Halcyon that we originally anticipated to receive back in December is still waiting to be released from the port! There are also more shipments of Halcyon on the way from Japan, but the timeline to getting them to the factory is unclear. We are hopeful that the supply chain slowdowns will resolve themselves and that our Halcyon supply will be steady again soon enough. Until then, we will be monitoring sales closely. In the event that we believe we have sold the maximum for a color, we will have to close the pre-order early for that specific color. 

**You might be wondering why our Tall Yarn Stuff Sack did not make it into the pre-order. Tall Yarn Stuff Sacks use quite a lot of Halcyon for a Stuff Sack; we decided we need to err on the side of caution and conserve the Halcyon we have onsite so we're able to make the Swift, Little Swift, Small and Medium Yarn Stuff Sacks, and all of the other designs we make on a regular basis as well.  Once our supply of Halcyon is steady again, we hope to offer the Tall Yarn Stuff Sack... hopefully late this year? We'll see!


Nicole - January 15, 2024

I was looking up used “TB Yarn stuff sacks” since they have been out of stock for so long, I saw this post on google and got so excited until I realized it was from 2022. :c

TB, PPPllleasseeee restock these. I want one soooo bad. I also tell all my friends about the yarn stuff sacks. I have one small one in red and I’ve carried it around with me every single day for like a year 1/2
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Nicole! Stay tuned, they’re in the works :)

Cathy Borden - February 21, 2022

So excited about the Swift! I hope someday the Cork Swift will make a return. Always regretted not buying that one.
TOM BIHN replied:
Yay! Glad to hear you’re excited! Cork Swift..what a throwback! Not sure
when we would be able to offer that again, but it’s fun looking at those
photos for memories.

aedifica - February 21, 2022

Thanks for explaining why there are no Tall YSS’s this time around! I continue to appreciate how transparent you are about your decisions. (And I’m looking forward to picking up a few more Medium YSS’s!)
TOM BIHN replied:
We appreciate you taking the time to stop by the blog! We knew the Tall YSS
would surely be missed by some customers and want to make sure we keep you
informed so we don’t disappoint too much :)

BethC - February 16, 2022

One of the things I like about my Little Swift, which was purchased so long ago that it must have a 1050 ballistic exterior, is that it stands up on its own and holds its shape. I use it more as a purse than for crafting. Do the Halcyon-exterior Little Swifts also keep their shape when empty? Thanks!
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Beth! All the Swifts and Little Swifts have 1050 bottom so they’ll at
least stand thanks to that. But the 400d is slouchy. 1050 will stand the
best, then 525, then 630, then 400. Hope that helps.

Rebecca - February 15, 2022

I have two beloved Swifts but never got one of the little Swifts. Now I will have a chance. Thank you so much.
TOM BIHN replied:
Yay! We’re excited for you!

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