December 11, 2022

New Color Alert! Açaí 200d Halcyon

New Color Alert! Açaí 200d Halcyon

We are excited to announce the addition of the newest 200d Halcyon color. Meet Açaí, debuting on 12/13/22 at 7am PST.

A few words from Darcy, Advisor at TOM BIHN:

"Like Moab, our newest 200d Halcyon color Açaí was inspired by nature. We see it in the berry stains on our fingers in the summer, in the deepest possible dusk, in our favorite dahlias. Interestingly, we chose this particular shade of rich purple around the same time as we chose Moab. Moab was a departure for us — earthy, neutral, grounding — and, depending on one’s perspective, Açaí may or may not be. It’s a deep, rich, jewel purple that is at home alongside classic and current colors. Yet, like many of the colors we find ourselves choosing, it’s not that simple — there’s a depth to Açaí that makes it more than just a purple. Some eyes may see that depth as an undertone of brown, while other eyes may see it as an undertone of red. As always, tell us how your eyes see this new color. One of the joys of introducing a new color or design is that we get to see it through your eyes, not just ours. 

It’s darker than Ultraviolet, more red than Aubergine, less blue than Plum. It’s Açaí."

— —

If you're new to us, 200d Halcyon is our ripstop fabric woven of 200 denier nylon (base fabric) with a square grid of 200 denier UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) yarns every .25" / 6mm. The white grid of UHMWPE adds no additional weight, yet makes the fabric virtually impossible to tear. Plus, we think it adds a nice look.

All our Halcyon colors are custom-dyed just for us in Japan. We share our desired vision with our mill, and they come back to us with “lab dips” to choose from, each a very slight variation of our original request. We look at the swatches under the bright factory lights, outdoors on sunny and cloudy days, at night under the moon, against our current color offerings, eventually picking the just-right swatch. The entire process, from when we convey our desired color to the mill to when we receive the final delivery at our factory can take anywhere from 8 months (pre-pandemic) to 12+ months.

Check out all the bags we currently have available in Açaí.



moriond - December 12, 2022

Beautiful color! Will definitely add cubelets in Açai to my collection. I have a 400d BH/moab Side Kick that I bought for a present. Much as I love moab, I would cheerfully swap it for a 400d Black Halcyon Side Kick in Açai!

G42 - December 11, 2022

Yay halcyon! I’m glad you were able to squeeze in some accessories before the holidays, thanks
And +1 for (eventually) Shop Bags please

Maeghan M. - December 11, 2022

Please make Cubelets in this fabric! Would love to see more of this in different items!

Traci - December 11, 2022

Looks lovely, glad to see a new purple Halcyon, I love purples in general, but never cared for Ultraviolet for some reason. I need a zip top shop bag in this!

Mae - December 11, 2022

Açai is a beautiful color. It would be wonderful if you used it in the Yarn Swift! Would love to see it in the Little Yarn Swift whenever it is available again.

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