November 28, 2014

Cord Zipper Pulls: Colors and Knots

Cord Zipper Pulls and The Robust Knot | TOM BIHN

Some of us love our signature gunmetal zipper pulls. Others prefer cord pulls. Some of us tie custom knots; some of us are like, uh, how does one even do that? And some of us even tie cord pulls around zippers in different colors to color code various compartments. ("The compartment with the red zipper cord has my lunch.")

What all of that says to us is: we, as people, like options.

And to answer that realization, we are introducing three new Cord Zipper Pull options in four colors, as well as a video that demonstrates how to make best use of each.

We've been sitting on this offering for some months now. What delayed things? Getting the color of Wasabi cord just right. It took us a while to find a mill that could perfectly match our Wasabi color, and once we found them, we waited for several months for them to produce the cord in the custom Wasabi color we asked for. (We figure if you know us, you're used to this: good quality things sometimes require patience.)

Cord Zipper Pulls w/Plastic Pulls (8 Pack)
These are the same Cord Zipper Pulls you know and love. We include a pack of these in Black with just about all of our larger bags with metal zipper pulls, and now you can buy them separately and in different colors. Each pack contains 8 pre-cut, pre-finished pieces of high quality cord and 8 TOM BIHN logo plastic ends. Available in Black, Coyote, Red, and Wasabi.

Cord Zipper Pulls, Cord Only (8 Pack)
Longer pieces of pre-cut, pre-finished cord. These (in Red and Coyote) are included with the Guide's Pack and Founder's Briefcase; watch Tom's video on how to tie simple knots with this cord here. Now available in Black, Coyote, Red, and Wasabi.

Cord Zipper Pulls, Cord Only (5 Yards)
Five full yards of cord. This is the choice for those among us who like to build custom knots; watch Ben demonstrate how to do so in the video below. You'll cut the cord to your desired length and burn the ends with a lighter to seal them.

In the video above, we've given you some ideas as to how to use these new Cord Zipper Pull options. But we know you'll come up with your own ways of using them, ways we probably can't even imagine right now. Be sure to share your inventions with us:

Cord Zipper Pulls and The Robust Knot | TOM BIHN

Cord Zipper Pulls and The Robust Knot | TOM BIHN

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