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Southwest Road Trip with the Aeronaut 30

Jillian—photographer, metalsmith, and author of the Noisy Plume—took her Aeronaut 30 on a road trip to the Southwest this past summer. Below is her packing list and review. And for more about her trip, visit the Noisy Plume.

Let me say that I have never packed this little EVER!

I am guilty of being horrendously overpacked on almost every trip I ever take. I find it really hard to decide what should come with me when I travel, especially when it comes to clothing. Incredibly, everything fit into this little bag BEAUTIFULLY, I used/wore everything I took with me, and I even had some leftover space to put a few things I bought on my trip to New Mexico. Furthermore, I didn't feel like I sacrificed my style on this trip, ever. I had compliments everywhere I went on my jewelry and outfit choices throughout the day, on a daily basis! Brilliant! I hate to look like a bedraggled traveler while traveling.

I thought this bag would be more of a weekend trip bag but it worked great for a full week in the Southwest. I wouldn't hesitate to travel with it again, for the same amount of time, in the summer months.

Aeronaut 30 Packing List

4 tank tops
1 baseball t-shirt
1 cut-off jean short
1 fancy bohemian short
1 denim pencil skirt
1 black maxi dress
1 black cocktail-length strapless denim dress
1 pair of jeans
1 sleeveless blouse
1 lace kimono
1 belt
3 bras
5 panties
1 bikini
1 pair of Tom's shoes
1 camisole
1 lightweight jean jacket
2 scarves

Travel size: 2 lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, Old Spice deodorant (yes, I use Old Spice)
Make-Up: mascara, eyeshadow quad, eyeshadow brushes, lip and cheek tint, lipstick, Doterra essential oil perfume
Hair barrette and bobbies

Other Sundries:
1 sketchbook
1 iPad (with charge cord)
1 Phone (with charge cord)
1 pen, pencil, micron, sharpener, eraser
1 pair of earrings, bracelet and cluster of bead necklaces
1 purse for day use

Jillian’s Southwest Roadtrip Packing List in the Aeronaut 30 | TOM BIHN


Jillian’s Southwest Roadtrip Packing List in the Aeronaut 30 | TOM BIHN


Jillian’s Southwest Roadtrip Packing List in the Aeronaut 30 | TOM BIHN


Jillian’s Southwest Roadtrip Packing List in the Aeronaut 30 | TOM BIHN


Jillian The Noisy Plume’s Southwest Road Trip | TOM BIHN




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