November 28, 2014

Key Straps: Snaphook/O-Ring

Key Straps w/O-Rings | TOM BIHN

A small variation on our classic Key Strap, which has snaphooks on both ends. The Key Strap, Snaphook/O-Ring has—you guessed it—a snaphook on one end and an O-ring on the other. It’s something you’ve long asked for and we’ve finally made it real. Its obvious use is as an extension to tether Organizer Pouches to your bag, but there are many other possibilities for this handy strap. For instance, you can attach several Organizer Pouches to the O-ring end, making it easy to locate related sets of items. You can daisy chain a few straps together to create one that's as long as you need, without adding extra bulk. And of course, the O-ring provides a handy loop to attach non-TOM BIHN accessories or tools to a fixed point in your bag. You've probably come up with a number of other ways to use it in the time you've read this paragraph.

All the members of the Key Strap family are intended to make locating things in your bag easier and more instinctive. Pulling out a small item or pouch tethered to a strap is easier than rooting around aimlessly in the depths of your pack; you can also rest assured that anything hooked to a strap is much less likely to fall out or otherwise be left behind. A variety of Key Straps with different attachments and in different colors can become an irreplaceable part of your travel or everyday carry kit. And oh yeah—they're still a great way to keep track of your keys.

Key Straps w/O-Rings | TOM BIHN

Key Straps w/O-Rings | TOM BIHN

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