June 22, 2022

6/28/22 Debut & Restock: Introducing the Bummer

TOM BIHN Bummer waist pack sling bag

Our next debut & restock is Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 7am PDT.

We are super excited to announce that we are adding a new bag to the TOM BIHN collection...everyone, meet the Bummer

As the name implies, you can wear it a bum bag...
Or shift it to the front or side...
Or sling it over your shoulder!
First came the Le Grand Derriere, then the Le Petit Derriere, and now the Bummer will be the smallest in the family of waist packs. But small is all relative, we've tested the Bummer out in real life — trails, city, and everything in between — and we're loving the capacity and versatility! A few of us may already be using this as our go-to dog walking pack.
We will also be restocking the following!

It's a busy summer for us at the factory, and we hope to share more news soon. Until then, any questions or Thoughts? Ask in the comments below.


Danny M - July 27, 2022

is there anywhere to suggest colors? I love my HLT1. I collect admin kits and most are so much bigger than i need. This is such a great size for my daily and i love it. The only thing is i love the Tom Bihn grass colorway and would buy two if that happened. Love your work!
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Danny! You can always drop us on a comment on our blogs or emailus@tombihn.com, we will see it and will pass the feedback along to the rest of the team.

Tracy Ann Mangold - July 19, 2022

I just received my Bummer last week and I LOVE it. Well, I love ALL my Tom Bihn bags but the Bummer is nicely sized and just great for a run about the town on errands and what have you. It’s deceptively roomy and comfortable to wear. :D
TOM BIHN replied:
Yay!! This makes us so happy!! :)
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Tracy! Wonderful! Glad to hear the Bummer has been a hit with you. :)

Jamie - July 8, 2022

Hey, was wondering if I could fit Leica Q2 comfortable into this pouch?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Jamie! That size of camera would be able to fit into the Bummer. :)

Tracy Ann Mangold - July 7, 2022

I just ordered the Bummer! I have the Grand Derrière and LOVE it. I wish you would also design a garden “bummer” type bag. I have been using an old fanny pack when I work in the garden at my uncle’s. It is so handy for carrying a water, by garden knife, my phone, and a head wrap. I could totally imagine a bag like this by Tom Bihn. Just a thought! :D Thank you for all you do. I love every single bag I have from Tom Bihn. Someday, I hope we can visit you all and thank you in person. Tracy
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Tracy! We hope you can swing by in person someday too! :) Glad to hear that you are enjoying your TOM BIHN gear—more is definitely on the way!

Matthew - July 7, 2022

Hi! I’m loving my Synapse 25 that I got in April, and would love to get a frame sheet for it. Any hints when they may be back in stock?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Matthew! It’s been a bit harder for us to come by the materials for the Frame Sheets, but we’re currently looking in to what we can do. :) Stay posted for more news!

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