October 25, 2021

10/27 Restock Notes

10/27 Restock Notes
Our next restock is this Wednesday! Click here to view all items available in the 10/27 restock or read on for notes regarding each of the items included in the 10/26 restock.

The following bags and pouches will be restocked on Wednesday, October 27th, at 7:00am Pacific Time: 


This is the first time we're offering the Pilot in Night Walk 400d Halcyon and it's probably the last time it'll be offered in Original 400d Halcyon.

Large Travel Tray

Small Travel Tray

What makes the Travel Trays so incredibly popular? Sure, they're handy for keeping things organized for travel, but they're also great for organizing small items at home and reducing clutter on desks and kitchen counters.

3D Organizer Cube, Clear

Great as a minimalist toiletries kit or an organizer that'll allow you to see your pens/pencils/art supplies.

Side Kick

The Side Kick is one of those bags that we always forget to promote, yet it remains super popular. Why is that? It's just a great bag. Oh and: this is the first batch of Side Kicks that feature the original shoulder strap attachment points.

Side Effect

Use it as an organizer inside of a larger bag or own its own as a waist pack or lightweight shoulder bag.

Pocket Pouch

AKA Mike's Minimalist Wallet. Also holds business cards.


A cute little square organizer pouch.

Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, Techonaut/Aeronaut 30

Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, Techonaut/Aeronaut 45

Helps you organize and separate clean clothes and dirty clothes during travel.

Synik 22/Synapse 19 Freudian Slip

Synik 30/Synapse 25 Freudian Slip

Brain Bag Freudian Slip

The Freudian Slips add 8+ pockets to the bags they're specifically designed to fit.

Remember that Countron (our internal system) will automatically combine orders with the same shipping address placed between 7:00am PT and 12:00pm PT. That means that, if you place an order around 7:00am and place another order at 9:00am, Countron will automatically combine the two orders and refund and remove the second shipping charge, ensuring you only pay one shipping charge. We designed the system so that happens automatically (we don’t want you to pay more shipping than necessary!) so no need to request that. It is important to note that we will begin shipping orders at 12:00pm that day and changes can’t be made after that.



Andrew H. - November 11, 2021

Hi, I was just wondering if you all were ever planning on restocking or start production on the black Yeoman Duffel? If so, do you know when that might be? Thanks! :)

Stay Safe,
Andrew H.
TOM BIHN replied:
We do plan to restock the Yeoman: that said, we’ve been informed by our supplier of a delay in receiving the snaps that are part of the handle design of the Yeoman. So it might be early-mid 2022 before they’re offered once again. Hope that helps a bit.

P.S. There’s a new duffel debuting 11/29 that you might like! Different than the Yeoman for sure, but a good classic duffel.

Greg H. - November 2, 2021

+1 on what Josh wrote. This was an excellent restock. Maybe too good. 😉 Or so my Amex thought!
TOM BIHN replied:
Just wait until you see November’s restocks! Production has been working hard and a lot will be restocked this month.

Josh - October 27, 2021

Thanks for all the hard work that went into this restock and I’m thrilled that a few Large Cafe Bags surfaced from the factory as well! Here’s hoping the Large Cafe Freudian Slip also makes an encore appearance :-)
You all are the best!
TOM BIHN replied:
Thank you for recognizing the work of our crew, Josh! You are right that a lot of work goes into the restocks and it means a lot to all of us to know it’s appreciated.

No Large Cafe Freudian Slips are in the works, though I’ll note your request in our project management app so the crew sees it :)

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