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The Q-Kit is made out of leftover fabric from our factory, which means colors are as available and our crew picks them out for you! List your top three color choices here and any colors you absolutely don't want.
  • Everything you buy from us here at TOM BIHN is satisfaction guaranteed. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and we stand behind what we make.

    If something goes wrong and it's our fault, we'll fix it for free. Repairs due to normal wear and tear or due to other things that are not our fault will be performed, when possible, at a reasonable charge right here in our Seattle factory where your bag was made. Defects in materials or workmanship are uncommon and almost always evident while the product is still new. Keep in mind that bags and packs are often subject to extreme wear in everyday use: do not expect them to last forever. Only true love lasts forever! You can expect a TOM BIHN product to give years and years of hard service.

    Face Masks
    Our masks are satisfaction guaranteed. Please if you're happy with your mask *or* there's something that doesn't work for you. We want to hear from you!

  • Our bags and face masks are designed and cut & sewn right here in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

    That allows us to be control freaks in the best way possible; we have direct control and oversight of the quality of our materials, our products, and the jobs and working environment that we help create. It also offers us a unique spontaneity: when we have an idea for a new product or accessory, we can design it, figure out how to build it, add it to our website and be ready to ship it out our front door all within just a few weeks. How cool is that?

    Intrigued? You can more about the unusual way we do business on our Company Philosophy page.


U.S. made, high tenacity 1050 denier ballistic nylon
#3 YKK coil zipper with plastic slider
Tough Duraflex®, Nexus, and Woojin buckles and related components


Sewn in USA with globally sourced materials
100% finished seams


Mini: External Dimensions - 4.3" (w) x 2.8" (h) x 2" (d) / 110 (w) x 70 (h) x 50 (d) mm; Weight: .7 oz / 20 grams; Volume: 15 cubic in / 0.25 liters
Small: External Dimensions - 5.9" (w) x 3.1" (h) x 2.6" (d) / 150 (w) x 80 (h) x 65 (d) mm; Weight: 1.3 oz / 37 grams; Volume: 45 cubic in / 0.75 liters
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A clever riff on our usual Organizer Pouch; has depth to fit bulkier items.

One day, Kieu (our Bartack Operator — see her work) surprised June and Darcy with two of these small pouches. Its shape is reminiscent of the Kit, a retired design, but the Q-Kit is much smaller. June and Darcy liked their Q-Kits so much that they thought we should make more and let you guys give 'em a try. Clever and awesome (just like Kieu!), the Q-Kit is great for keeping track of very small stuff: coins, keys, phone adapters, as well as charms, hair things, and gewgaws of all kinds.

Just like our Organizer Pouches, the Q-Kit has a small-but-tough plastic snaphook, which allows you to attach it to any of the O-rings inside our travel bags, backpacks, briefcases, shoulder bags, laptop bags, and knitting bags. We know as well as you do that some folks are going to snap it on to their keyring, and we're OK with that. If you have a non-TOM BIHN bag, that's ok — you'll likely find another use for the little plastic snaphook on the pouch, or you can break it off.

The Q-Kit zips with a #3 YKK coil zipper with a plastic slider, which is less likely to damage sensitive electronic gizmos.

The Q-Kit made of our 1050d HT ballistic nylon. In general, the Q-Kit is available in colors Black, Steel, Verde, Burnt Orange, Aubergine, and Navy. Colors are "as available," which means we choose the colors for you. That's because Q-Kits are made out of pieces of fabric left over from cutting our larger bags (what would otherwise be discarded as scrap), so available colors vary. Think of it as an awesome surprise. Or, you can indicate your first, second, and third choice color preferences in the comments field on the Q-Kit page and we'll do our best to get one of those colors to you. If you don't indicate a preference, we will do our best to choose colors that would complement the other bags you're getting. And, hey, if you'd prefer we remove the Q-Kit from your order rather than send you a color you didn't ask for, you can tell us that too.

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