January 18, 2016

The Workspaces Series: Ilkyway's Setup

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Welcome to the Workspace Series—glimpses into the offices, desks, and other work and play environments of our Forum members and the TOM BIHN crew.

Forum name: Ilkyway

Okay, here comes my scary messy workspace.

I am in the office part (the professional side) of my husband’s farm. For that, my laptop, the scanner, a planner and a pen are most essential. (Oh, and a printer of course…)


This is my desk at home—I worked the last three quarters of the year from home. My desk at work looks similar on the tech side: two screens, two keyboards, one scanner—but no personal pictures or drawings whatsoever. It looks a bit on the boring side, but since it is where customers come... it is supposed to be so.

Oh, forgot: one hobby of mine is taking pictures. Here it only "shows" as all the photographs on that wall are by me—except the black and white one that has me in it ;-)




sujo - November 19, 2019

I like your shelves. Wish I had shelves …

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