May 10, 2013

The Man's Man: Synapse 25 review

The Man's Man reviews the Synapse 25

The Man's Man reviews the Synapse 25

"Over here at The Man's Man we are sold on the packs that Tom Bihn puts out. Tom Bihn (the man) has been designing packs for more than 40 years and he feels a personal responsibility to put out a product that is unique, looks good, lasts long, and fills a niche that no one else has filled. He's doing an excellent job at fulfilling this purpose. These packs are functional and quality made.

After using the Smart Alec pack for the last 5 months for everyday carry and day trips we were really excited to get our hands on the newest pack from the guys at Tom Bihn."

Read the full review at The Man's Man. See also: the Synapse 25.

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