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"Basic Economy" Airfare and Carry-on Bags

Just a few days ago, American Airlines announced that it is joining United Airlines and Delta (the largest airline carriers in the U.S.) in offering a fare class called “Basic Economy.” The concept behind Basic Economy airfares is simple: passengers get a seat at a discount, but the lower price means restrictions are in place: Basic Economy passengers don’t get to select their seat when they book, aren’t eligible for fare upgrades, and can’t make changes to their itinerary. If this sounds familiar, it’s because budget airlines like Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant operate with similar restrictions. On these airlines, passengers can pay to upgrade their...

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Games for the Road

Travel can be fun, but in some instances it can be long and monotonous, whether we're talking about a 45-hour cross-country train ride, a 10-hour international plane ride, a 5-hour bus trip, or a 3-hour Shinkansen. When it's one of those times, it pays to keep yourself occupied. Other times, playing games can be a great icebreaker with new acquaintances or a familiar past-time for old friends. There are a few criteria for what makes a good travel game: Portability Portability is a given: you don't want to haul more weight than you have to, especially since you'll want it...

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Photo Album: Jenny and Joe's Hero's Journey

You've seen Joe and Jenny's (see their bio at the bottom of this post) photography work all over our website. They recently took a quick trip with some friends to test out and photograph The Hero's Journey on planes, trains, and in the city. We can't possibly fit all of the amazing photos they took on The Hero's Journey page, so we've included the extras here in a photo album. Joe and Jenny are professional photographers based out of Seattle. They are prone to taking long journeys to places both near and far but always return home because that’s where...

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Overnight At Sahale Glacier Camp

We've been using The Hero's Journey backpack on overnight backpacking trips for the past several months. Last weekend's destination was Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm, camping for the night at the Sahale Glacier. Here's a few photos from the trip.

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Spend the entire flight gazing out the window

Scenes From Hut-To-Hut Hiking

Kristian is the photographer behind the shots of our new Hero's Journey backpack. Most of the photos were taken on hut-to-hut hiking trips in Norway and Switzerland; this essay features additional photos from those trips. - TB Crew This is the moment. You’ve spent weeks and months researching your trip. You’ve packed your backpack more than once. You’re finally on your way. Am I the only one who spends the entire flight gazing out the window? Since I can’t bring gas for the stove on the plane I went shopping for gas, food and other supplies in Konstanz, Germany. Both...

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Hut-Hiking and Hike-In Trips in the Lower 48

Tom designed our upcoming Hero’s Journey travel backpack (debuts September 27th) to be a best tool for fly-to-hike travel. It's great for world travel / backpacking to be sure, but also for hut-to-hut hiking and hike-in lodge trips, too. Think of hut-to-hut hiking as a civilized form of camping: the “huts” (often beautiful lodges) provide you with a bed, food (often gourmet), and a place to meet new friends over wine or hot chocolate, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere. Most of us associate hut-to-hut hiking with Switzerland, and while a trip to the Swiss Alps is certainly on our...

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Round 2: Things To Do In Seattle

A few days ago, we published a guest post by our very own Matthew R. all about his favorite things to do in Seattle. You guys responded with your favorite things to do in Seattle and more of the crew here at TOM BIHN offered up their favorite "Seattle Things". And then someone suggested that we publish a follow-up with even more Seattle things-to-do. Great idea. Here we go: Suggestions posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and shared via email Seattle Symphony Theo's Chocolate Factory Tour Bakeries: Macrina, Bakery Nouveau, Nuflours (gluten-free, peanut-free!) Restaurants: Chaco Canyon, Fonda La Catrina The Underground...

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Pike Place Fish Market Seattle | TOM BIHN

Things To Do In Seattle

So here you are in Seattle. You've just been to the TOM BIHN Factory Showroom to hang out and see some bags in person while you're in the Emerald City. Maybe you've got a new bag that you can't wait to load out and try out in the wild. Either way, you've got the rest of the day to kill. There is so much to do and as a newbie to Seattle (I’ve been here just over a year now) I feel some kinship to your (wonderful) plight, so I will help guide you through this. First, if you haven't...

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To Mexico City

Zeek (you know him from SHEP, the people who make our videos) and his friends went to Mexico City. With their TOM BIHN bags, of course. Here's a video that Zeek made of the trip and, below the video, some of his tips for bringing cameras and shooting stills and video while on vacation. - When I travel, I try to reduce my camera setup to the absolute minimum. For Mexico City, I picked a single prime lens that made it easy to take a few steps back for wider shots and a few steps forward for closeups. It was...

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Six Days In Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

We wanted to see the classic sights of Yellowstone and we wanted to be touristy. We wanted to see the Fall colors in the Tetons. We wanted to stay in a nice place a night or two and camp a night or three in the midst of the park among the animals, waking up to cold air and an immediate sky. Some days we wanted to go from sight to sight; others, we imagined, could be spent in one place exploring on foot or even watching the same group of bison or pronghorn for hours. We got what we wanted; all...

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