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The Daylight Briefcase | TOM BIHN Bags

Introducing the Daylight Briefcase and Synapse Freudian Slips

Following the same "less is more" design philosophy as the Daylight Backpack, the Daylight Briefcase offers superb organization and TSA-friendly laptop storage while remaining lightweight and packable. Featuring a main compartment with room for a Cache in 11” or 13” sizes, the Daylight Briefcase also boasts a gusseted inner pocket with an elasticized top, allowing you to stow and retrieve items with ease. Zippered pockets on either side of the Daylight Briefcase can accommodate tablets, files or magazines, books, or a jacket, and plenty of o-rings allow you to further customize your bag by adding Organizer Pouches, 3D Organizer Cubes,...

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The Updated Brain Bag

Before we began our next production cut of Brain Bags, we decided to make a few minor updates to the design. (Just one of the many reasons we have our own factory here in Seattle: we have the power to have a good idea and make it real.) -- You asked for it: six more (nine total) o-rings! Two additional in each main compartment and one o-ring each in the front left and right exterior pockets. -- The best combination of fabrics we can imagine: an exterior main body of 1000d Cordura with a 1050 HT ballistic nylon bottom and...

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Aeronaut 30 | TOM BIHN

Introducing the Aeronaut 30 and Four More Designs

We've been hinting for the last couple of months that we expected five new designs to debut this summer. And you've been amazingly patient with us. Before the reveal, we just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for your excitement and support. It's meant a lot to us as we worked really hard getting these five new designs ready for debut—no small feat for a company our size. Design patterns had to be finalized, names decided, pages built, videos shot, photos taken. You'd be amazed at how much of this came down to the wire; we even decided...

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TOM BIHN: The Fur Test

The Fur Test

1000d Cordura® after test We made mittens out of 420 HT ParaPack, 400d Dyneema®/420d nylon, 1050d Ballistic, 1000d Cordura® and 500d Cordura®. We then rubbed each one on a volunteer office canine (we are opposed to animal testing, but he seemed to rather enjoy the attention). Results? All fabrics picked up fur. But not equally so . . . Both of the Cordura® fabrics collected lots more fur than the smooth nylons. The difference between 1050d Ballistic, 420d HT ParaPack, and 400d Dyneema®/420d nylon; was negligible (though the fur is better camouflaged by the white Dyneema® ripstop grid.) The bottom...

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Recap of the new stuff

It's been a busy week (month? year?) around here... We introduced The Guide's Pack and Founder's Briefcase. We debuted a new fabric: 420d HT nylon Classic Parapack. Tom authored several posts about the new fabric and two new designs: Accessory Strap Holders: Return of an Icon On Internal Frames and Frame Sheets The Story behind 420 Denier High Tenacity “Parapack” Pack Fabric Ballistic vs. Leather Pack Bottoms On shoulder straps On the design of The Guide's Pack On the design of the Founder's Briefcase And we made available for order our new 420d HT nylon Classic Parapack fabric in the...

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Knitting Tool Pouches

New: Knitting Tool Pouches

Our Knitting Tool Pouches are the latest design to debut from our ongoing collaboration with Amy Singer, Editor of Knitty®. Knitting Tool Pouches can be used on their own, or together as a system. They offer a new style of tool organization allowing for modular and expandable containment of as many or as few tools as you might use. Each pouch features an O-ring on its corner, allowing you to connect the Knitting Tool Pouches to our optional Double Carabiner or to a Key Strap or Handle Loop. Though designed with knitting and crochet tools in mind, these handy pouches...

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The new Synapse 19

The recently introduced Synapse 25 wasn't simply a larger version of the Synapse 19 -- it also debuted five new design updates to the Synapse design. Four of those design updates have now been added to the Synapse 19 (the original size of Synapse.) If you already have or plan to place a backorder for the Synapse 19, rest assured that you'll receive the new version. The design updates include: Webbing Loops for Cache with Rails system: Inside the main compartment are four unobtrusive webbing loops, two fore and two aft, to which you can secure the optional Cache with...

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New Stuff Recap: Synapse 25, Glowire, Guardian Light, Videos

So many new things debuted last week that we thought we should post a recap, just in case you missed anything: The Synapse 25 -- a much-anticipated larger version of the Synapse 19 -- was introduced. Discussion on the forums followed. Loaded Pocketz published a First Look review of the Synapse 25 and tCook posted a photo in the Forums of the Synapse 25 with the Synapse 19 and Smart Alec. Introduced in conjunction with the Synapse 25 was the Cache with Rails -- a protective laptop sleeve that allows one to use the Synapse 25 as a checkpoint friendly...

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TOM BIHN Synapse 25

Introducing the Synapse 25

The Synapse 25 is a carefully calculated, supremely organized backpack, designed for day hiking, everyday carry, and ultralight travel. No mesh pockets clutter the exterior of this bag, nor extraneous straps festoon it; in it, you'll be able to carry more than you would imagine, and no one will be the wiser. You guys have been asking us for a while to make a bigger version of the Synapse 19 — here it is. Seems easy, right? Just make the whole bag bigger? Not quite. Take the water bottle pocket, for example: if we had simply made the Synapse 25...

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