September 27, 2016

Introducing The Hero's Journey Travel Backpack

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It's here! The Hero's Journey is in-stock and ready to ship in colors Black Halcyon/Northwest Sky and Nordic Halcyon/Northwest Sky. Colors Black Halcyon/Iberian and Nordic Halcyon/Wasabi are in production with an estimated shipping date of mid-November.

Our new Hero's Journey is convertible travel luggage that allows you to fly to your destination, and then backpack or hut hop, all without checking baggage. If you are familiar with our Aeronaut 30 and 45 travel bags, you're already aware of the advantages of a carry-on bag that can be worn as a backpack: unlike wheeled bags, a backpack frees you from the smooth sidewalk and the paved path, allowing you move adroitly over any surface your feet can handle. The Hero's Journey takes this mobility even further, encouraging you to realize the dream of a fast and light escape to wide exotic mountain vistas and windswept highlands.

The Hero's Journey is actually two bags that work both together and alone: when properly configured and reasonably packed, the main bag meets the maximum FAA recommended dimensions for carry-on luggage, and the smaller Top Pack easily qualifies as a "personal carry-on item." Upon reaching your destination airport or the beginning of your hike, zip the two components together, attach the hip belt (and optional Side Pockets if desired), and you've got a 55 liter internal frame pack, suitable for short-to-medium range backpacking trips or hut hopping.

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Jeff - November 19, 2019

Hey, guys! Love the look and functionality of the new Hero’s Journey bag; this could have been the bag to end my search for the perfect bag. However, I do have one question: why didn’t you integrate load-lifter straps into the bag?? I’ve noticed that, in every picture, and especially when the top bag is attached, that the entire pack tends to sag away from the body, throwing balance all out of wack, causing the wearer to need to lean forward to stay balanced. There’s clearly a couple inches between the zipper that houses the shoulder straps and the zipper at the top of the bag (the one that allows the top bag to be zipped off and on), and you guys did such a great job with using loops and those gatekeeper clips on the detachable waist belt, it just seems like adding detachable load-lifter straps would have been an obvious choice. With them, you could pull the top of the bag closer to your body, allowing the weight to be better balanced, which means I could carry the bag all day. Like I said, I was hoping this would be the one to end my search for “THE bag,” but I can’t envision spending money on a bag that I’m unable to wear all day. Guess my search continues…

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