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Update on orders placed for bags

*** 05/11 UPDATE: we're back to shipping orders for bags! See this updated blog post for more information. ***

Under Washington State's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" proclamation backpacks and other bags aren't considered essential; in compliance with the proclamation, we aren't manufacturing or shipping bags while the order is in place. Face masks are considered essential, and that's why we're able to manufacture and ship face masks. 

All that said, we’re still accepting your online orders! When you place an order through our website for in-stock bags, we’re treating your order as a pre-order; the order you place reserves the bag you’ve ordered with a TBD shipping date. Anytime up until a few days before your order ships, you can add items, cancel items, or even cancel the entire order.

We hope to ship any orders placed in the last month sometime in May once the order is lifted.

  • Everything you’re able to order on our website is a bag that we physically have in our warehouse; you’re not ordering a bag that will be made, you’re reserving a bag that already exists and will be shipped at a future date.
  • Read our Pre-Order FAQ; most of that applies to current orders.
  • Your credit card will be charged when you place your order; we place those funds in a separate account and do not use the funds until your order has shipped. You may cancel your order at any time up until three days before it ships, and we’ll give you plenty of heads-up before that.
    • Adding items to your order is easy: once you've placed an initial order, you place additional orders for the items you want. Simply add those items to your basket and, at checkout and in the shipping options, you’ll see an option that says: “Add to my Held Order”. Our system will automatically add the new order items to your existing order.
    • At this time, we don’t have a specific date as to when your order will ship; it’s possible that stay-at-home orders may be extended. Once we know when business can resume their normal functions, we’ll let you know the window in which we can expect to ship your order.

    We are still working remotely to answer your emails, voicemails, and live chats.

    Speaking of…. questions?



    Darcy's the CEO at TOM BIHN. She really likes working. When she's not working, she's probably hiking, reading, making tacos, gardening with native plants or hanging out with human and canine friends.

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    • Darcy - CEO at TOM BIHN on

      @Christian Harrell Please see this more recent blog post ( In brief: we’re back to shipping bags in addition to masks, and all orders ship within five business days!

      @Iris As of 05/11 we’re back to shipping bags. Thank you for your support!

      Fairoz We do ship to Malaysia; however, some countries have restrictions on shipments from other countries. Please for the most current information.

    • Christian Harrell on

      Please put this information on the homepage of the website to alleviate any confusion.

    • Iris on

      Any updates on when orders will start to ship?
      Thank you for being safe.

    • Fairoz on

      Hi guys… Just wondering if you guys ship to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

      Even during this current lockdown?

      Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and stay safe!

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