May 10, 2020

We're back to shipping orders for bags!

Box art of a T-Rex in a rocket ship.

Due to Phase 1 reopening in Washington State, we can now ship orders placed for bags. Many of you have asked when we’d be able to ship bags, so we know you’re as excited about this as we are.


Bag Orders & Shipping Information


Status of Bag Inventory


In the past six weeks, all of our efforts have been focused on manufacturing and offering Reusable Cloth Face Masks. We’ll continue to manufacture and offer “Buy One, Give One” Reusable Cloth Face Masks as we ship existing inventory of bags. Want to see how many masks we've made, how many we've donated? View this public spreadsheet.

Questions? Just ask!


Darcy - TOM BIHN CEO - June 3, 2020

@Tara Lees I’d recommend waiting, if you can; we expect to resume manufacturing of bags very very soon, and the Brain Bag will be amongst the top priorities for us to work on. Also, Wilderness IMHO is a great color in the Brain Bag in particular, so I’d say it’s worth waiting for :)

Darcy - June 3, 2020

@Shep Bostin Thank you for the support all around! Glad the masks are working well for your family. Okay, here’s the early word on the Synik scoop: we plan to offer a Synik 22 and Synik 30 pre-order next Tuesday. Several Black Ballistic options will be available, including a couple more than what are listed on the website right now. If/when you place a pre-order for a Synik on Tuesday, you can purchase the accessories at that same time, or you could place additional orders for those accessories up until three days before your Synik ships (there’s an “add to my existing pre-order” option at checkout for those with pre-orders). We expect to ship the Synik pre-orders by late July, although we expect many of them to ship much sooner than that. Hope that answers things a bit, and thank you again for your support!

Shep Bostin - June 3, 2020

Thank you for keeping your customers in the loop! I ordered masks for a number of my family members – they work very well, and they wash up easily. I look forward to Phase 2 reopening in WA so I can show my appreciation by ordering a black Synik 30. :-) Can you say for certain that the Synik 30 in black ballistic will be available again? If so, I would love to support Tom Bihn by ordering accessories you have in stock now, knowing that I will eventually get the bag to go with them!

Tara Lees - June 1, 2020

The brain bag I’m looking for is the wilderness color. If you are going to be retiring certain designs, should I order the color you have in stock. I have no problem waiting for the production. Any feedback would be appreciated. You guys have been awesome through this pandemic. Thank you and be safe. Tara

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