February 25, 2019

New: Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch

New: Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch

The Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch is one of the new versions of pouch we came up with after asking you guys how you use our Organizer Pouches/what you carry in them/what you like/what you don’t like.

What we came up with is an organizer pouch that features a gentle curved L-shaped opening with a #3 YKK Coil zipper. This allows you to zip the pouch open / access contents on just the narrowest side or zip it fully open, almost clamshell style (but not fully clamshell, lest your stuff tumble out of the pouch.) Like most of our Organizer Pouches, the Ghost Whale has a snaphook that allows you to secure it to the O-rings inside of our larger bags (photos below) and/or to Key Straps.

The name? Tom thinks the shape of the pouch resembles that of a whale (Melville is on his Audible wishlist.) Nik thinks the pattern of the pouch is shaped like a ghost. There you have it: Ghost Whale.

Something we hope you'll be as excited about as we are: unlike our other Organizer Pouches, you can choose your preferred color/fabric from a long list of 210d or 525d ballistic or mesh options.

this is the first time we've offered an Organizer Pouch for which you can choose your p the color/fabric you'd like from a long list of available 210d or 525d ballistic nylon or mesh.

The Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch is available in sizes Mini, Small, and A5 and will be available for order on Tuesday, February 26th.

Left to right: A5, Small, Mini.

Small in a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag.

A5 and Small clipped in a Daylight Backpack.

A5 and Small clipped in a Small Cafe Bag.

Mini in a Travel Cubelet.

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