December 12, 2012

MLW: Aeronaut as roller derby gear bag

Aeronaut as a Roller Derby Gear Bag

Aeronaut as a Roller Derby Gear Bag

"Everything fits in the bag with room to spare for practice jerseys, a water bottle, snacks etc. The overall weight is around 20lbs. I wear a women's size 8 shoe which translates to a men's size 7 speed boot with nylon plates. All of my pads are size small and the ankle weights are around 7 lbs. There is room for larger skates/pads especially without the ankle weights and misc pads. I've been really happy with the Aeronaut-as-skate-bag. It'd definitely heavy, but once it's on my back it's comfortable. I do have the chest and waist straps on in case I need them, but for the most part it's just the distance from the house to the car and from the car to the rink so I don't do a lot of trekking with it."

Read the full post by MLW -- with many more great photos -- in the Forums. See also: the Aeronaut

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