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We're open! V1 Reusable Cloth Face Masks and many bags are in-stock  / all orders ship within 1-3 business days.

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Factory Update: Making Face Masks

We hope you’re well and safe as you read this. We know bags might be the last thing on your mind — on the other hand, bags might be a welcome break from everything else that’s going on. 

First, let’s talk about face masks. Our Seattle factory is still at work — we’ve devoted our entire production capacity to efforts to make surgical-style face masks for our healthcare heroes due to the shortage of medical-grade masks. For the sake of healthcare professionals, we hope that real, medical-grade personal protective equipment is produced and restocked as soon as possible; in the meantime, we are here and working as fast as we can to help. 

We know you care about our safety as much as we do; see the list of the precautions we’re taking at the factory. We've also posted expanded instructions on how to clean and disinfect your bags. 

Some photos of our crew at work this week....

We at TOM BIHN are sewing face masks for healthcare professionals in our Seattle factory.

Nik working late one night (maybe about a week ago or so) on one of the three mask designs we can make.

We at TOM BIHN are sewing face masks for healthcare professionals in our Seattle factory.

Edelmira plying up the fabric to make a particular mask; Irma is cutting the fabric.

We at TOM BIHN are sewing face masks for healthcare professionals in our Seattle factory.

Mei sewing the ties on the masks.

We at TOM BIHN are sewing face masks for healthcare professionals in our Seattle factory.

Chun also sewing ties on to masks.

(The Original) Icon and (The Future) Icon
Long story short, the response to the debut of the Icon was overwhelming: people loved it. Still, several of you shared feedback on what you think could make it an even better bag; we (mostly) agreed and the next production run of Icons will have these changes implemented. Now, however, we're busy making masks, and we don't know when we'll make the next run of Icons. We did make a run of the original Icon a while back, and we're making those bags available for purchase now. They don't include the shoulder pad (can't make shoulder pads right now) so we're offering them for $50 instead of the usual $75. Full story here, including a list of the design updates.

Upcoming Debuts
We're working on debuting some new designs — even if it means the only photos we can share are drawn sketches — just so there's something fun and interesting we can share with all of you. If you'd like, you'll be able to sign up via email to be notified when the new designs are available for pre-order. 



Darcy's the CEO at TOM BIHN. She really likes working. When she's not working, she's probably hiking, reading, making tacos, gardening with native plants or hanging out with human and canine friends.

←(The Original) Icon available now; (The Future) Icon available later this year Video: Allison's Pop Tote→


  • Chad on

    Awesome to hear that you guys are doing facemasks. I’m a long time fan of Tom Bihn and have carried several bags all around the country. Right now I’m working as a physical therapist in a nursing home and we are wearing one mask every day. Sure hope I can get one of yours. Please let me know if I can purchase and have one shipped to Alabama. Thanks

  • Mac Brown on

    You are the best. This is a really great thing for you to be doing and it’s much appreciated. It’s a reminder that one of the reasons to buy from you is not just your excellent products, but also that you have a great company with a great culture. Thanks!

  • Shannon Murray on

    Well done! As an avid Tom Bihn customer, PLEASE make these for customers, too! I have several high risk family members and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a case of masks from a name brand I trust. And when you really want to up your game, try different scrap fabrics at a premium cost – I’d still buy a whole case, wash them and change out filters.

  • Mike on

    Great work. I’ll look forward to a time where our medical professionals are covered and T-B will then make masks for the public as we return to our lives. I’ll be in line to get one or two when that happens. Thank you so much T-B crew!

  • MIchael Hudson on

    Hi TB crew

    I’m an ER Nurse in Santa Cruz, Ca and wonder how I might get ahold of a mask.
    Our hospital is not yet to the point of allowing outside sourced masks, but I would like to be ahead of the curve on this.
    Please get back to me. I’m sure your masks will be top notch!

    Michael Hudson

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