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Restocked! Our V1, V2, and V3 Face Masks. All orders ship within 2 - 5 business days.

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(The Original) Icon available now; (The Future) Icon available later this year


    • We made design updates to the Icon based on your feedback. 
    • We don't know when we'll be able to manufacture new Icons so....
    • We have restocked the Icon page with the original design Icon; it doesn't include the shoulder pad and we've reduced its price from $75 to $50. It's true we never put anything on sale, but these are, as we all know, unusual circumstances. And it doesn't come with a shoulder pad, so....

 (The Original) Icon Messenger Bag

Full scoop, including a list of the design updates:

You may have been wondering why it’s taken us so long to restock the Icon.

The response to the debut of the Icon was overwhelming: people loved it. Still, several of you shared feedback on what you think could make it an even better bag. We heard that and it made sense to us, so we’ve been testing Icons with a few design changes for the past several weeks — we’ve all agreed on those design changes and they'll be included in the next production run of the Icon. (Scroll down for a list of the changes!) 

Since then, however, our world has changed: our entire production capacity in our Seattle factory is now dedicated to making simple, "surgical style" non-medical-grade face masks for those who work in healthcare (read more about that here). That means that it’s possible that we won’t be able to make the new Icon with design updates for a while.

Here’s where things get interesting: prior to making the design changes, we made a production run of the original Icon. We held that production run back because we didn’t want to restock (The Original) Icon when we figured many of you would want to wait for (The Future) Icon. Now, however, we’ve changed our minds:

We’ve restocked (The Original) Icon — please note that these bags do not come with the shoulder pad photographed. That’s the one part of the bag we didn’t make/finish, and as we said above, we’re busy making face masks and can’t make the pads right now. Because of that, we’ve reduced the price of (The Original) Icon from $75 to $50.

Note: there’s some of you who might feel kinda “meh” about these design updates — as we said, many people loved the Icon as-is, so in that case these original Icons may be quite the steal. Please also note that we won’t be making the Alphaviolet or Burnt Orange options for the foreseeable future, if ever again, so if you like those colors, order a first edition (The Original) Icon.

Want to know what the design updates will be in (The Future) Icon? Read below. We’ve also listed (tentatively) the colors we plan to make.

 Rabbit Hole w/interior access

We think the clean look of the rabbit hole design is appreciated by many — but we also want it to be as usable as possible for as many as possible. So, here’s what Tom did: he made an interior access point so that people can reach inside their Icon, pull down the strap to the length they’d like it to be, lock the cam buckle, and then stuff the excess strap length from inside the bag into an interior stretch mesh pocket (mesh makes it easier to stuff the excess strap inside!) The mesh pocket is *a little* taller than you might expect because we also wanted to avoid making it so short that small items like erasers or earrings could fall in that pocket and be difficult (or at least irritating) to retrieve.

New Cam Buckle

It seems to be very, very rare that someone can accidentally open the original cam buckle of the Icon. We can’t prevent every possible rare occurrence of something that can happen with a bag of course — and trying to do so could end up changing the design of a bag that makes it less usable for more people — but in this case we did recall a different cam buckle design that we think is a better option than the original. Here’s why we think it’s a better option: it locks very firmly shut — so firmly that it has a hole through which you can add a knotted cord to help you get the darn thing open again! We really like that knotted cord because it will help people with various levels of dexterity, hand strength and mobility to use the buckle, and we envision including a knotted cord through that hole on future production runs of the Icon. We really don’t think anyone could accidentally flip this buckle open, unless that cord got caught in something and they pulled the bag really hard, and that’s probably a rare instance and one we can’t prevent.

Important: you can kind of half-way close the cam buckle without fully closing it. I think you’ll see what I mean once you get the bag. For the buckle to be shut, you need to firmly close it and feel it’s truly shut. We’ll make sure to emphasize this in the product description.

Back compartment zipper placed higher on the back panel

This makes the pocket a bit deeper and it should be easier to fit an A5 notebook or an iPad Mini (in a case) in there now. We couldn’t make this opening wider without making the bag wider, and we opted not to do that: because we think it’s the perfect size and proportion as-is.

O-Rings moved up + Four Additional O-Rings

All of the o-rings in the bag have been moved higher. And we’ve added four o-rings: one in the front zipper pocket, one in the back zipper pocket, and two more in the main pocket.

That next production run of Icon will include new color combinations featuring our new 525d colors:

Wilderness Green 525 Ballistic/Coyote Zipper

Ursa Brown 525 Ballistic/Island Zipper

Constellation Blue 525 Ballistic/Ultraviolet Zipper

Coyote 525 Ballistic/Coyote Zipper

Black 525 Ballistic/Rainbow Zipper

Black 525 Ballistic/Black Zipper

Black 525 Ballistic/Island Zipper

Nebulous Grey 630 Recycled/Iberian Zipper

Logic Blue 630 Recycled/Northwest Sky Zipper

Mars Red 525 Ballistic/Northwest Sky Zipper

Seapine Green 630 Recycled/Ultraviolet Zipper



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    Love your attention to detail in described updates. ex: raising o-rings. Bravo! Two wishes. Colour wise: black w/ RED zipper. Come on kids, red/black is one of the best, dramatic colour combinations out there. More important, to me at least, a LEFT handed ie right shoulder wearing version. Because the zipper curves and close point are RIGHT handed/Left shoulder biased. Seriously makes a big difference in grab and go situations. Thanks, and I’ll be watching for the new iteration.

  • Denise on

    Any chance the Wilderness/Coyote combo will be restocked? I really want an Icon, but I hesitated too long to get the Burnt Orange in the original run, and none of the new colors really work for me other than Wilderness. :(

  • John Jacobs on

    Tom, I think you are over-thinking the bag. It could be a much needed man bag.
    But, you are moving away from that quickly……Keep up the good work everybody. John

  • MARTINE on

    Hi, that’s amazing – thank you
    Is there any chance of an extra $1 reduction so that I can order this with international first class shipping rate please?

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