January 18, 2024

Inside the Factory: Winter 2024 Update

Inside the Factory: Winter 2024 Update

It’s been a freezing start to the year in Seattle, but rest assured, we’re staying cozy at the factory. Despite some natural inclinations to slow down during the coldest times of the year, especially after a busy holiday season, our team is continuing to push full speed ahead. We have a lot planned in our pipeline, and we’re excited to give you a peek below.


Jan 24 - Feb 7, 2024 Pre-ordersTrinity in Ursa Ballistic

We’re kicking off the year with our second Trinity pre-order! We’re thankful for all your support and patience. This 3-in-1 backpack, shoulder bag, and briefcase took us 5 years to imagine, design, and create, so we’re very excited to open up another opportunity for you to get one. If you’re still unsure whether the Trinity is the right bag for you, last summer, we made a lot of videos highlighting the features of the Trinity, check them out here, here, and here. We will also have more content coming onto our social media accounts, so stay tuned! The Trinity will be available in 9 colorways — we added an Acai option this time. 

We’re also bringing back the Night Flight Travel Duffel for pre-order! This was the most pre-ordered bag in our company’s history, and we’re excited to relaunch it. If you’re still deciding whether this is the right bag for you, check out some of the videos we’ve made here and here. Featuring three additional new colorways in Acai, Wisteria, and Sakura, the Night Flight Travel Duffel will be available to pre-order in a 14 colorways.

Given the complexity of the bags, we are currently estimating production time to be 10 weeks, so you can expect your bags to be ready late April/early May.



We have new 200d Halcyon colors!Rogue Sacoche in Wisteria 200D Halcyon

In case you missed it, we debuted two new seasonal 200d Halcyon colors, Wisteria and Sakura 200d, back in December in the Small Travel Tray, Large Tray Tray, and Rogue Sacoche. Inspired by some of our favorite spring blooms, Wisteria and Sakura have already become favorites on the Production floor. We originally got these dips along with Cerise and Seafoam last year. The plan was to choose our top two, but we had a very hard time narrowing down to two colors, so enjoy these bright and happy hues. You can expect to see more Wisteria and Sakura coming soon (more on that below).


More Color UpdatesAcai 200D Halcyon Close-Up

For all the jewel tone fans, we’re excited to share that Acai is here to stay for a little longer – we have more coming to the factory! Check out everything that is available to shop in Acai now. Here are some of our favorite Acai combos:


We’re beginning our color selection process for the next few seasons. Have some thoughts or wishlist colors? Drop them in the comments below!


We’re bringing some bags back!Assortment of Large Zip-Top Shop Bags

Some of you have been asking us about the status of bags that haven’t been available for a while now, so we’re excited to share that the following bags will be making a big return soon!


*Grab Bags will be returning mystery style, similar to our Mystery Organizer Pouches – more on this coming soon!


All of these bags will be returning with new colorways. We will be sharing updates first with our email list, so make sure you’re signed up!


Outside of the FactoryCindy on-site at the Nakamura family factory


Our CEO, Cindy, recently traveled to Fukui, Japan, where she visited the mill responsible for weaving our Halcyon fabric. This mill, a second-generation family-run small business, currently led by Mr. Nakamura (second from the right), is committed to weaving top-notch industrial-grade fabrics. A highlight of the visit was witnessing the hands-on involvement of the Nakamura family in ensuring the exceptional quality and continual innovation of their products. The unique yarn used to weave Halcyon was also invented in-house by the founder (first from the right). We’re excited to continue our partnership together and continue making and delivering exceptional bags to you all.



New Designs Were Working On

We’re finalizing a new tote bag design, and we’re excited to share more very, very soon. Additionally, we’re also working on a new travel backpack design — stay tuned!


N.C. - May 13, 2024

A zest Nik’s #5 Wallet – am I allowed to dream?

Lori Anthonsen - May 2, 2024

I love your products!
Do you offer tours at your Seattle factory?

Susan - May 1, 2024

Would LOVE to get the Side Hustle in deep blue with wisteria. 🤩

Thomas - April 17, 2024

I would very much like to see the return of the Zephyr and Empire Builder briefcases. It’s hard not to see the TB line of cases without a true large briefcase.

Megan - March 22, 2024

I would love to see a return of the Western Flyer or Cambiata bags. They would both be great for travel and the Cambiata seems like the perfect teacher bag.

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