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A New 1050d HT Ballistic Nylon Color: Burnt Orange

Finding the right shade of orange is no easy task. Too bright and it might be too much of a good thing; too dark and it's more brown than orange.

When we added 1000d Cordura in Burnt Orange to our palette last year, we weren't entirely sold on the color. It was a departure from our existing palette and we wondered if the color would seem something of an outlier. But we wanted to try it, so we jumped in heart first and head second and ordered it. Once we saw Synapses and Brain Bags and Daylight Backpacks in Burnt Orange 1000d, we were sold. And we found that it played so well with our other colors that we wanted to see it in ballistic nylon. You guys liked it, too: Burnt Orange soon became one of our most popular colors.

The ballistic nylon that we have specially woven and dyed for us is the original ballistic nylon; high-tenacity, U.S. made with the abrasion resistance, stiff hand and mid-matte sheen to prove it. It's no small commitment to order a new color of our 1050d U.S. HT ballistic nylon: to do so requires a very large "dye lot" order. (Again with the jumping in thing.) Seeing bags such as the Aeronaut 30 and Cadet in Burnt Orange make us glad we ordered that dye lot of ballistic nylon in Burnt Orange -- and we hope you like it, too!

The Cadet in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNCadet

TOM BIHN Luggage Tag in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNLuggage Tag

Western Flyer in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNWestern Flyer

TOM BIHN Q-Kit in Burnt Orange (Mini) and Steel (Small) | TOM BIHNQ-Kit in Steel (Small) and Mini (Burnt Orange)

Side Effect in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHN Side Effect

The Ristretto | TOM BIHNThe Ristretto

TOM BIHN Co-Pilot in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNCo-Pilot

Swift in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNThe Swift

Aeronaut 45 in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNAeronaut 45

Aeronaut 30 in Burnt Orange | TOM BIHNAeronaut 30


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  • TB Crew

    @Angela Noted! We’ve talked about pairing it with Wasabi, but Steel still feels like the surest best… we’ll see what comes next!

  • Angela

    Love Burnt Orange – anxiously awaiting my Side Effect! The only thing I’m not sold on is pairing it with UV Dyneema. I’d love to see it with Wasabi!

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