March 10, 2015

Introducing Spiff Kits

Spiff Kits - the TB take on toiletry kits | TOM BIHN |

Spiff Kits - the TB take on toiletry kits | TOM BIHN |

The Spiff Kit is the TB take on the ubiquitous toiletries kit. Though we suppose that a spartan few will live off the land and use whatever the hotel washroom offers up, most of us seem to prefer our unique collection personal essentials for even for the shortest of trips. For some of us that’s our favorite flavor of toothpaste or Dr. Bronner's soap (and, well, if Dr. Bronner’s is your favorite toothpaste, we're not sure what to say); for others it's their refined collection of vitamins or cosmetics. Whatever it is, most of us have our daily deal, and taking it along with us makes for a better trip.

We make the Spiff Kit in two sizes/versions: the Standard and the Deluxe. Both feature a divided mesh organizer pouch that will nicely fit most "trial" or "travel" size shampoos, conditioners and liquid soaps, as well as compact travel razors and toothbrushes. The center division of this pouch keeps things organized, yet doesn't overly limit exactly what you can carry. Opposite that (or above it, when the Spiff is unfolded), both versions feature a large-ish, undivided mesh pouch that will take your other miscellaneous toiletries/pharma, or perhaps a small travel towel.

A simple plastic hook allows you to hang the whole affair onto a towel bar or similar, particularly useful if you've got limited counter space (or none at all — yes, we've stayed in hostels too). Hanging it up also exposes a small acrylic mirror: even if your accommodations are of the rough-and-tumble sort, you'll still be able to look your best — or at least not be too surprised. The mirror is removable/replaceable, and arrives to you with a protective adhesive cover you'll need to remove before use.

The Deluxe version of the Spiff Kit features everything the Standard version does (everything above), as well as adding a clever shelf that holds four small (1 oz / 30ml) polypropylene Nalgene jars (four jars included). The shelf is faced with loop material (like Velcro®), and the jars stick to the shelf because they have hook (again, like Velcro®) "dots" on their bottoms. We include an additional set of four dots so that you add your own jars or what-have-you (any hardware or craft store will sell you adhesive hook & loop that you can use as well). The shelf support un-snaps so the shelf can lie flat, in case you tend to use it the Spiff Kit laying down instead of hanging. Because the Deluxe Spiff Kit is a bit taller, that largish undivided mesh pouch is a bit bigger as well.

Note that neither version of the Spiff Kit is particularly 3-1-1 compatible. If you need a pouch that is 3-1-1 compatible, we suggest you check out our 3D Clear Organizer Cube.

Spiff Kit Toiletry Kit | TOM BIHN

Spiff Kit Toiletry Kit | TOM BIHN

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