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lifestyle visible^^Person carrying an Aeronaut 45 sitting on the wall at the Venice Beach, CA boardwalk.


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  • visible lifestyle^^ A side view of a person wearing the Techonaut 45 as a backpack.
    Excellent in Every Way!
    Techonaut 45
    My son is using this bag to travel around NZ. Recently he sent me a message to say "Tom Bihn bags ROCK" in reference to its durability and how much one can stuff into one of these bags. It's like the "clown car" of bags Ha!! We already knew how durable they are as we have used them for years for work and play! We will be purchasing another soon for our youngest son as he begins traveling on his own soon! Thanks for making quality dependable bags! We will continue to be a Tom Bihn family! View more

    Mary F.

    Verified Buyer

  • visible lifestyle^^A Synik 30 filled with many accessories.
    Finally, The Perfect Bag
    Synik 30
    The search was long, but finally found the one. My usage is EDC and light travel. I have carried a Synapse 25 for about a year. The size was just slightly small for my needs. I also wanted more padding for my laptop, especially on the bottom when I set the bag down, and better shoulder straps. The Synik delivered. In addition to my laptop, I regularly carry a few tools and cables, a book or kindle, light snacks, water bottle and gym clothes. It all fits perfectly and access is good without dumping the entire bag. Great design. Thank you! View more

    Steven T.

    Verified Buyer

  • lifestyle visible^^Person carrying an Aeronaut 45 walking along the Venice Beach, CA boardwalk.
    Best Carryon Ever
    Aeronaut 45
    Two trips to South America, 3-weeks each. Plus 5-weeks in Ireland. All carryon. The Aeronaut 45 exceeded expectations! Easy to load, durable, good looking, and a breeze to fit in the overhead. Even the backpack function is great! Running though Dublin chasing a train! View more

    Benjamin D.

    Verified Buyer

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Made in Seattle | Original Designs Since 1972

"I design for longevity not only by selecting the best materials, but also by putting them together in a way that they are least prone to fail, even after years of use. After 40+ years of making stuff, I've made enough mistakes to feel pretty confident in knowing what will work and what won't. And, of course, we test the heck out of all prototypes as well. The longevity of our bags also encourages me to be somewhat cautious in terms of aesthetics: you want a bag that's going to last for 10 or 20 years to be more or less classic."

- Tom Bihn