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Shoulder Straps

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5/8 Shoulder Strap
5/8" nylon webbing
Side Kick Shoulder Strap
1" nylon webbing
1" Shoulder Strap
1" nylon webbing
Simple Shoulder Strap
Heavy duty plastic snaphooks with metal bail
1.5" / 38 mm nylon webbing
Standard Shoulder Strap
.25" / 6mm texturized rubber pad
1.5" / 38 mm nylon webbing
Absolute Shoulder Strap
.375" / 10 mm neoprene padding
Double-coated heavy duty metal snaphooks made in USA especially for TOM BIHN
1.5" / 38 mm nylon webbing


Sewn in USA with globally sourced materials


5/8" Shoulder Strap
Extends from 33" to 55" / 84 cm to 140 cm
Side Kick Shoulder Strap
Extends from 30" to 55" / 76 cm to 140 cm
1" Shoulder Strap
Extends from 32" to 57" / 81 cm to 145 cm
Simple Shoulder Strap
Extends from 42" to 56" /106 cm to 142 cm
Standard Shoulder Strap
Extends from 31.5" to 55" / 80 cm to 140 cm
Absolute Shoulder Strap
Adjusts from 20" to ~ 52" / 51 cm to 132 cm

We offer several comfortable shoulder straps to choose from.

The Absolute Shoulder Strap has a unique, patented, internal control-stretch system that's a lifesaver when carrying a heavy bag. It's the ideal strap for those who carry hefty loads or simply want the most comfortable strap available. The Absolute Shoulder Strap combines a nonslip, ergonomically curved pad — made of soft, durable neoprene — with comfortable stretch backing to make bags feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. It's adjustable from 20" to 52".

Of course, at TOM BIHN, we're somewhat perfectionists: we make sure the webbing of our Absolute Shoulder Strap is our own top quality nylon webbing, which lasts and looks better longer than the standard polypropylene. And we go the extra mile and add heavy-duty, all-metal snaphooks. Made in U.S.A. to our specifications, our snaphooks are double-plated with a matte black finish to keep them sharp looking for years. The Absolute Shoulder Strap with Snaphooks is designed to work with any bags (ours that have D-rings or equivalent hardware.

Bags that accept the Absolute Shoulder Strap include the Aeronaut 45, Aeronaut 30, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Empire Builder, Cadet, Maker's Bag and Yeoman Duffel.  

The Standard Shoulder Strap has a .25" / 6mm texturized rubber pad making it a good choice for those looking for some comfort but not needing the over-the-top comfort of the Absolute Strap. High quality U.S. nylon webbing and heavy-duty plastic snaphooks.

The Simple Shoulder Strap is, as the name suggests, a less heavy-duty strap for those who carry lighter loads. It has a flexible pad with a grippy underside to help it stay on your shoulder and is fully adjustable in length. It features heavy-duty plastic snaphooks. Made out of high quality U.S. nylon webbing, the Simple Shoulder Strap is 1-1/2" wide and extends to 46". The Simple Shoulder Strap can be clipped to our Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, Daylight Briefcase, or most light-in-weight bags with appropriate D-rings or equivalent hardware.

The 1" Shoulder Strap is a simple and light-duty shoulder strap made of 1" nylon webbing. It is adjustable and has plastic snaphooks at each end. It does not have a pad. It is most often used with our Packing Cube Shoulder Bag.

The Side Kick Shoulder Strap is a simple and light-duty shoulder strap made of 1" nylon webbing. It is adjustable and does not have a pad. It attaches via Gatekeeper clips at each end. This strap is included with the Side Kick, but we figured we'd offer it separately just in case someone loses theirs. 

The 5/8" Shoulder Strap is a simple and light-duty shoulder strap made of 5/8" nylon webbing. It is adjustable with plastic snaphooks at each end (no pad). This strap is most often used with our Side Effect, 3D Clear Organizer Cube, or 3D Fabric/Mesh Organizer Cube.


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