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Cord Zipper Pulls

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Two-part clip made of acetal
Sturdy 1/8" nylon cord


Cord Zipper Pull Lengths:
Cord Zipper Pulls w/Plastic Pulls (8 Pack) 5.75" / 146 mm
Cord Zipper Pulls, Cord Only (8 Pack) 8" / 203 mm
Cord Zipper Pulls, Cord Only (5 Yards) 180" / 4572 mm

Customize your zipper pulls with color or your own custom knot pulls.

Most of our bags come with a packet (or two) of Cord Zipper Pulls (the Aeronaut 30, Tri-Star, Brain Bag, and Synapse 25 among many others). There are three advantages a cord pull can offer over a metal pull: the cord pull can extend the range of a metal zipper, it can wrap around the zipper and mitigate the jingle of the metal pull (you won't get as much of that "I'm being followed by a golden retriever" sound with cord pulls) and it can make the zipper easier to grab and use. This can be a significant difference with a bag like the Aeronaut, which has numerous zippers.

We also offer the option of buying extra Cord Zipper Pulls in various colors to use with—or instead of—the standard included Black or Coyote pulls.

There are three choices when it comes to the zipper pulls: The first option is a set of 8 pre-cut 5¾-inch cords with a 1-inch plastic pull tab assembly. The second option is a set of pre-cut 8-inch long cords only (great if you prefer a knot to a plastic pull). The last option is a 5-yard length of cord you can cut to any length you choose.

On clipping the metal zipper pull tabs:

Clipping the metal zipper pull tabs from the sliders and replacing them with cord pulls is even quieter than simply wrapping the cord around the metal pull tabs. It's important to make sure you've decided you never want metal zipper pulls again before you cut them off. First of all, you can't put them back on. Second, if the metal zipper pulls are cut off, that part of the bag is no longer covered under our Lifetime Guarantee, which means that you won't be able to have the zipper replaced because you want the metal pulls back (the rest of the bag is still covered by our guarantee). Third, if the metal pulls have been removed from a bag, we cannot accept the bag back for exchange or refund. Another disadvantage of removing the metal pulls altogether arises if you want to use a luggage lock: unless the sliders have locking rings through which you can thread your lock, you'll need to lock the cords together, which isn't as secure as locking metal pulls. Finally, while cutting through the metal pulls to remove them isn't as dangerous as some of the things we do every day, please make sure to be careful and know that you are proceeding at your own risk.

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