October 21, 2015

First Feedback on the Yeoman Duffel

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moriond's photo of the Yeoman Duffel | TOM BIHN

Over the last two or so weeks since we debuted the Yeoman Duffel Bag, we've been reading (and gathering) everyone's feedback on the new designs. Here's a selection of that feedback. There was so much discussion about the bags that we might've missed a particularly cool post or photo: if you think that's the case, emailus@tombihn.com and we'll update this post to include it.

Things really kicked into high gear when Badger posted Ilkyway's photos of the Yeoman, which include excellent comparison shots that demonstrate the size of the Yeoman. (The featured photo above is one of Ilkyway's.)

And in that same thread, moriond posted:

"I thought I'd add that in addition to being able to fold the Yeoman Duffle to fit into the Size #3 Travel Stuff Sack and the Small Packing Cube for the Night Flight Travel Duffle (NFTD), it will go into a Travel Tray."

moriond's photo of the Yeoman Duffel | TOM BIHN

Over at One Bag, One World, Frank posted his review of the Yeoman Duffel:

"I was looking for something like this for a planned, extensive road trip. It held everything I needed to bring and due to its light weight didn’t make it difficult to carry. (If you’re just traveling by car and not taking any public transportation, why worry about only taking a carry-on size bag.)"

One Bag, One World review of the TOM BIHN Yeoman Duffel Bag

NWhikergal was one of the first to see the Yeoman in-person:
"I stopped by the store today to pick up a MCB FS (yay!), and I was happy to have a chance to see the Yeoman Duffel in person. While I have enough large duffels already, I was very impressed with the bag's design and usual TB quality, and I really adore the smooth zippers. I really like that it still has the thin grab handle straps on the end of the bag, which are handy when pulling out a heavily loaded bag, and the fact that it nicely retains its general shape due to the construction, yet it can fold up small. The one feature that would not work for me would be wearing the bag like a backpack using the carry handles, as I am way too petite, and the carry handles would not even stay on my shoulders. However, given the size of the bag, I think either the hand carry handles or an absolute strap are the way to go. It was interesting to see the design next to other bags like the A30, as it really has that same sort of shape in a larger wide open bag."

Inspired by moriond, Ilkyway posted photos of the Yeoman Duffel rolled up and stored in a Size 3 Travel Stuff Sack:

Yeoman Duffel in a Size 3 Travel Stuff Sack | TOM BIHN

And Zeke's photo truly demonstrates how big the Yeoman Duffel is:

Zeke's photo of the Yeoman Duffel | TOM BIHN

And Sarha took her Yeoman on a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine:

Sarha's Yeoman Goes To Maine | TOM BIHN


Vicki - January 20, 2022

I like the YD too, a lot. Will probably pick up another one soon, thanks for the option to do that.
TOM BIHN replied:
Yay! We’re excited for you to grab one soon.

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