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Introducing Aether Fabric Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes help to make the most efficient use of your packing space — and they keep your clothes neat, whether you're a folder, bundler, or roller (see the video below for more on these packing styles).

We've long offered Packing Cubes sized specifically for our Aeronaut 45, Aeronaut 30, and Tri-Star travel bags. Made with an exterior of Halcyon 200d ultralight rip-stop fabric and strong polyester mesh, they're amongst our most popular travel accessories.

When our fabric mill in Japan presented us with a revolutionary new fabric -- Aether -- our eyes lit up and our first thought was: this would make a great fabric for even lighter Packing Cubes.

Aether is an ultra-light, 100% nylon fabric from Japan. It has a unique and somewhat complex construction, combining 30 denier monofilament with both 100 denier and 200 denier yarns in a micro-ripstop weave that further increases its tear strength. Like most of our fabrics, Aether is coated on the backside with urethane for weather resistance, as well as having a surface treatment of durable water repellant. Though its hand is a bit crisp when new, we greatly prefer Aether's aesthetic over commonly available silicone-coated nylons. It's light, but surprisingly tough. As far as we know, we're the first manufacturer to use Aether.

We present to you packing cubes sized specifically for the Aeronaut 45, Aeronaut 30, and Tri-Star travel bags in Aether. Each size of Aether Packing Cube is available in your choice of color: Carbon (a dark grey), Violet (more purple than our Ultraviolet), and Wasabi (a true match to our Wasabi Halcyon 200d).

Aether Packing Cubes are solid Aether fabric, front and back, no mesh. Because Aether is, depending on the color, more-or-less translucent (as seen in the photos and video below) the visibility of contents offered by a mesh panel is not essential.

In addition, we've shaved off more weight by using #3 YKK coil zippers, and binding the internal seams with Aether fabric as well. Together we've reduced the weight of all the Packing Cubes by about 40% – not bad, eh? Aether Cubes will require a tad bit more gentle treatment, but we think most people will find the weight savings worth it.

Some folks will choose a set of matching color Aether Packing Cubes, but we think a lot of people might choose different colors of Aether Packing Cubes in an effort to use color coding for packing organization. Example: socks/undies go in the Aeronaut 45 Aether Packing Cube in Wasabi, while t-shirts and work-out clothes go in the

Aeronaut 45 Aether Packing Cubes
The Aeronaut 45 in Black/Fjord with Aeronaut 45 Aether Packing Cubes.

Aether Packing Cubes in Carbon

Aether Packing Cube in Carbon

Aether Packing Cube for shoes

TOM BIHN Aeronaut 30 with Aether Packing Cubes

TOM BIHN Aeronaut 30 Packing List

TOM BIHN Aether Fabric Packing Cube in Wasabi

TOM BIHN Aether Packing Cube in Violet

TOM BIHN Aether Packing Cube in Violet

TOM BIHN Aether Packing Cube in Violet

TOM BIHN Aether Packing Cube in Violet

TOM BIHN Aether Packing Cubes in Violet

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  • Robin

    Wow! That fabric looks gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about replacing my packing cube shoulder bag — any possibility of it being made in this fabric?

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