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Why the Tom Bihn Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

American Station: Why the Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

Excerpt: "I’ve been traveling lately — from Chicago for my college roommate’s bachelor party to Jackson, Miss., for work and to hear my father-in-law play bass for the Uncle Sam Band. I’ve also been to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding and to the Mississippi Delta for the opening of a civil war tourist site in Helena, Ark. I drove to some destinations and flew to others. I stayed in hotels, condos, and the Shack Up Inn (look it up). Though each trip required different wardrobes and different equipment, I managed to successfully get to each destination and enjoy each...

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The Aeronaut (photo by Zeke Kamm)

Zeke's photo of the Aeronaut 45

The Aeronaut. Photo by Zeke Kamm, Photographer, Editor of Nice Photography Magazine, and author of Strobist Photo Trade Secrets.

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TOM BIHN Synapse fits under a Southwest 737-300 aisle seat

Photo by freecia: Tom Bihn Synapse. "Of course it fits"

"Plenty of leg room left over under a Southwest 737-300 aisle seat." Photo posted by freecia on Flickr. See also: the Synapse

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