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brain bag

TOM BIHN Brain Bag and black holes?

Brain Bags and black holes?

"Brain Bag owners have all been cheated. Tom Bihn has been selling these backpacks to innocent people in order to test their miniature black holes that have been produced in their underground research facility in Seattle, right below their manufacturing building. In all seriousness, my new Brain Bag arrived and it is about 20% smaller than my old __________ backpack and holds about 60% more stuff without breaking a sweat (if backpacks could sweat) The only explanation is a miniature black hole that is put into the bag before shipping. It's also the reason they have to put excellent stitching...

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TOM BIHN Brain Bag

20 New Brain Bag Photos

+ 19 more new photos on the Brain Bag page.

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TOM BIHN Brain Bag in Universal Camouflage and Free Shipping to APOs

Free shipping to APO addresses

For a while now, we've removed the shipping charge on orders shipping to APO addresses: it's one small way of saying thanks to the folks who serve this country. We didn't tell anyone we were doing this -- it's just something that we, on the fly, decided was the right thing to do. Now we've made it official: during the checkout process, you'll see the Priority Mail [Free to APOS] to shipping option if you enter an APO address. And just because it's free doesn't mean your order will be delayed or sent via a slow shipping method: it'll be...

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Even more photos from Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

Even more photos from Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

Photos of the Camera I-O and Brain Bag by Brian Stowell. Read Brian's review of the Camera I-O, posted in the Forums.

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My Tri-Star Review (with comparisons to the Brain Bag)

conejo23: My Tri-Star review (with comparisons to the Brain Bag)

"I'll cut to the chase and then fill in some details, along with pictures. The Tri-Star is an incredible bag. The design is as impressive as the reviews I poured through indicated it was. This is a typical Tom Bihn bag so I don't need to go into excessive detail here, you all know the materials, construction, finishing, it's all first rate. Very, very impressive." Read the full review by conejo23 -- with many great photos -- in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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Vertical Brain Cell designed and made by TOM BIHN

New photos: Vertical Brain Cell

The Vertical Brain Cell is a hard-sided laptop case designed to clip securely inside of our Brain Bag or Smart Alec backpacks. Inside of the Vertical Brain Cell, your laptop hangs suspended and cradled in a sling of 8mm thick soft foam padding inside a 4mm hard corrugated plastic shell that protects from the front, back, and bottom. Below the padded sling, fixed to the bottom of the corrugated plastic shell, is a 12mm thick strip of memory foam. Available in three sizes for Apple laptops and two sizes for PC laptops. See more new photos of the Vertical Brain...

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Phindy Studios reviews the Camera I-O

Phindy Studios: Camera I-O gear review

"I recently had the great pleasure of acquiring an amazing new piece of gear. For ages we’ve carried around SEVERAL bags to shoots, always scrambling to find bits an pieces of what we need tucked here and there. I can’t even tell you how many times a lens cap or battery has gone missing. That’s why I am so excited that Tom Bihn has officially entered the camera bag market. We were first introduced to this bag maker when we were searching for the perfect bags to take on our Europe trip. We ended up getting a couple of the...

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Brian Stowell's Camera I-O and Brain Bag review

Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

"My work has very particular needs and quirks. I travel with bands selling merchandise and taking photos - meaning I'm gone for weeks at a time (often 2-3 or more). I live out of two bags: my Brain Bag and my Aeronaut. The Brain Bag is my "mobile office". The only time I'm not carrying it and working directly out of it, is when I'm asleep. For shorter trips (7-10 days), I use my Tri-Star. I never get to unpack during that time. I travel by plane, tour bus, van, cab and more. Everything needs to be as condensed and...

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Brian Stowell and his TOM BIHN Brain Bag backpack

Photos by Brian Stowell: the Brain Bag

Photo by Brian Stowell. See also: the Brain Bag.

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TOM BIHN Brain Bag with three laptops and a DSLR

Brain Bag packed with three laptops and a DSLR

Posted by jmcrist in the TOM BIHN Forums. My Brain Bag was broken in on my last flight from Houston to New Delhi, with a layover in Frankfurt. I flew Lufthansa, and was a little nervous due to the stricter limits of European airlines. Needless to say from the pictures below... that didn't keep me from overpacking! That baby weighed 35.6 lbs - over half the weight of one piece of checked baggage - and the Lufthansa crew didn't bat an eye. Okay, now here's all the stuff I managed to fit in it: Macbook Pro 13" inside of a...

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