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David Kong on the TOM BIHN Aeronaut as the perfect carry-on travel bag

David Kong on The Perfect Carry-On Luggage

"Now that I have actually owned the bag [The Aeronaut] for almost 1 month now, I can say with confidence that it was the right choice, hands down for actually another reason that I didn’t even think of at the time or weigh into my requirements. The Tom Bihn bag makes an excellent CASUAL bag… I’ve taken this bag on bike rides (backpack straps, mind you) and to picknicks and to trips to the coffee shop and even to the grocery store when I have a large amount of groceries to buy. I use it as a gym bag and...

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TOM BIHN Aeronaut in Tasmania

Photo: Aeronaut in Tasmania

Thanks to Brett Charlton for the photo. See also: The Aeronaut More customer photos

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Simply Bike: travel with kids: packing made light for a week in san francisco

travel with kids: packing made light for a week in san francisco

"The beauty of the Aeronaut is that it is the absolute largest it can be while still qualifying as a carry-on bag. This meant that every aircraft, from the huge international carriers to the tiny domestic ones, allowed us to bring the bags on board and we were able to fit them into the carry-on compartment above our seats. This was especially important to us when flying overseas after our San Francisco trip, as we had our baby’s bed in the Aeronaut, to which we wanted access as soon as we arrived in Romania." Read the full post at Simply...

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The Aeronaut by TOM BIHN with Travel Stuff Sacks

Photos: Travel Stuff Sacks in the Aeronaut

These two photos should give you an idea of how many of what size Travel Stuff Sacks you can fit in our Aeronaut maximum carry-on travel bag. The triangles with numbers on them indicate which size of Travel Stuff Sack (Size 1, 2, 3, or 4) you're seeing. Note that in this photo, the Travel Stuff Sacks in the main compartment of the Aeronaut are on top of the Aeronaut Packing Cube, Large packed with several pairs of pants, as seen in the first photo.

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Made in USA Challenge Top Ten Travel Essentials

Made in USA Packing List: Ten Travel Essentials

via Sarah at Made in USA Challenge: "When it comes to travel, making a packing list can be a stressful experience. Staying in a strange hotel room without the conveniences of home is just outside of my comfort zone. With BlogHer ’12 less than a month away, I have started planning what to pack for my four days in New York City. I’ve read several recommendations from experienced bloggers attending the conference, and the overall message seems to be simplicity and comfort. Always looking for the made in America alternatives, I have compiled a packing list of travel essentials made...

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1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts. 0 checked bags.

1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts, 0 checked bags

Tweeted by @newtmitch "1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts. 0 checked bags."

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Bags for 10 day US Go Association convention

RedBeard: Bags for 10 day US Go Association trip

"Here is our regular travel set, a Aeronaut and Checkpoint Flyer for me and Tri-Star with ID for my partner, on the way to the 10 day US Go Association convention last summer. Each of us packed 3 days of casual clothes, 1 set of formal clothes with shoes, and sleep ware. Spread across the bags are also 1 laptop and 2 cameras with power bricks, 3 hats, toiletries, laundry gear, and assorted travel accessories." Read the full post by Red Beard in the Forums.

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peregrina packs an Aeronaut for a three week trip

peregrina: three weeks in Europe with Aeronaut, Imago, and Medium Cafe Bag

"We leave on May 14th and come back on June 6th. Three weeks is not that long and i decided to pack less than what I packed last time." Read the full post -- with more great photos -- on peregrina's Building Bridges blog. And if you have any questions for peregrina about her packing strategies, you can post them in the TOM BIHN Forums. See also: the Aeronaut

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The Aeronaut (photo by Zeke Kamm)

Zeke's photo of the Aeronaut 45

The Aeronaut. Photo by Zeke Kamm, Photographer, Editor of Nice Photography Magazine, and author of Strobist Photo Trade Secrets.

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Removable tie-down or compression straps are included with the Aeronaut travel bag

Light travel experts weigh in on packing techniques

kjm3579 posted in the TOM BIHN Forums that s/he was ready to buy an Aeronaut but was told online that it wasn't ideal for the bundle packing method because it doesn't have tie-down/compression straps (not accurate; Tom added removable tie-down/compression straps to the Aeronaut in 2010) and that it doesn't have much "flat space" (this is why the Tri-Star, with its ample flat space, might be a better option for those who want to bundle pack.) Frank II, owner and author of One Bag, One World (OBOW) replied: "As the owner of a site dedicated to light, one bag travel,...

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