June 17, 2013

Stephan's bags/accessories from the Tri-Star video

Tri-Star "one bag" travel luggage

Tri-Star "one bag" travel luggage

After we posted the Tri-Star video in the Forums, adamwebb asked for a list of the accessories shown. Great idea, we thought. Here's that list:

Stephan's bags: Tri-Star in Steel Iberian, Absolute Shoulder Strap, Tri-Star Packing Cubes in Large, Medium, and Small All Fabric, two Size 1 Travel Stuff Sacks in Steel, Horizontal Brain Cell Size 15" MacBook Pro Retina, Travel Tray in Steel, 3D Clear Organizer Cube in Navy, the included (with the Tri-Star) 8" Key Strap in Black, an additional 8" Key Strap in Black, 16" Key Strap in Black, Cache for iPad mini, Clear Organizer Pouch in Mini, and RFID Blocking Passport Pouch.

Times in the video you can jump ahead and see specific accessories/how they're used:

0:22 - Packing Cube, Tri-Star, Large

0:35 - Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 15" MacBook Pro Retina

0:38 - Size 1 Travel Stuff Sack, Steel

0:48 - Travel Tray, Steel

0:49 - Two Size 1 Travel Stuff Sacks in Steel are put on one side of the Horizontal Brain Cell in the main compartment of the Tri-Star

0:53 - The Travel Tray, cinched shut, is put on the other size of the Horizontal Brain Cell in the main compartment

1:00 - Packing Cube, Tri-Star, Medium

1:01 - Packing Cube, Tri-Star, Small All Fabric (with a pair of Size 12 Merrells)

1:07 - 3D Clear Organizer Cube, Navy

1:09 - 16" Key Strap in Black clipped to an o-ring inside of the Tri-Star clipped to the 3D Clear Organizer Cube

1:13 - Cache for iPad mini

1:16 - Clear Organizer Pouch, Mini (with earbuds)

1:19 - RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, Steel, tethered with an 8" Key Strap in Black

1:32 - Absolute Shoulder Strap

And once more: the Tri-Star video

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